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  1. Zilon2

    Buying: Buying Relly Boots Blueprint

    buying Relly Boots Blueprint any quality rateing, the higher the better, pm me.
  2. Zilon2

    Selling: Selling NOTE (old item)

    Hello everyone, i have thise note and i willilg to sell it, you can decorate your home with it so i accept any offers :) Levinstein Lev II in game.
  3. Zilon2

    After - Santa

  4. Zilon2

    Before - Santa.

  5. Zilon2

    Before - Santa

  6. Zilon2

    Dedicated to all.... includin MA

    I think that kids are takeing over MA HIRE PROGRAMERS FROM ROMANIA ~MA~ THEY ARE THE BEST AND LOSEE ALL THOUSE THAT GOT OUT THE LAST 3 vu's.:mad: But hey we all look great in the game :D what a joke, virtual world :laugh:HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.:laugh:
  7. Zilon2

    Hey Ma Get Back To Wu 1.0

    I was wondering how many ppl will quit thise time the game, i will, the economy is distroyed, RENTING is not posible anymore. Im tired of hunting and mining for about 3 years... So i have a question to you all, how many of you made any money from thise game, LOL dont answer i allready know...
  8. Zilon2

    Thise Thread is for Hangar Owners...

    Hi there, my name in the EU is Levinstein Lev II. in a trader and a miner, i heard that alot of hangar owners are renting there hangars, well i'm looking for someone that is willing to rent it, we can speak more in the game. Most of the time, when not mining, im in twin. or we can arange a...
  9. Zilon2

    3 times HOF in 7 days....

    well hello everyone i have posted thise 3 hofs that i got in the last week, 2 of them i had in the same day and one last 1.5k ped iron i got friday night. one more thing, ppl are talking about the Ziplex Z.. OreSekers, i find them very cool and easy to get, i encurage the medium lvl...
  10. Zilon2

    I have looted a NOTE up on CND.... HELP!!! PLZ

    hello to everyone, last night i have looted a note up on CND from EXO STALKER, i had no NEW ITEM FOUND message, anyway i cant really post the picture here yet because im at work but the thing is that i looked on the EF to find a way to decode it, can anyone help me out? dows it has any value...
  11. Zilon2

    Help Help Help

    well what can i say.... im trying to do something that i dont think is imposible, i got and apartment and a plasma... now my question is how can i play music videos on that on, i looked at the properties on the plasma and are all YES, can anyone tell me how to play music and videoclips on it, is...
  12. Zilon2

    i need some soft help ... anyone

    i have that pe ass but are there any other helpful programs that my help make my game easyer? THX
  13. Zilon2

    Who is From Ohringen Germany

    hello everyone, i wonder if in these little city are entropia players, id like to meet them. GL TO ALL new WU is super
  14. Zilon2

    Video made by Eliza aka Levinstein

    have fun :)
  15. Zilon2

    Need Help

    where can i find the latest maps of eudoria and ametera i'm going crazy :confused: pls help ..