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  1. Milesio

    Global Alliance Reborn

    Hi, Matthew. I play only a little in last 3 years, and hurt me a lot each time i enter, look at society terminal and see how many people left society. I think i will never quit this game but i not have the time for play very much. I enter today at forums and look for post about "Global...
  2. Milesio

    Question: Credit card info deleted from my account

    Hi. Perhaps i find answer for my case. Some months ago, my bank join with another bank and they change electronic access code and password for electronic pay. Since the change, i deposit several times without problem, but today, when i add my card to card list and deposit, my bank system ask...
  3. Milesio

    Question: Credit card info deleted from my account

    Is true sometimes i deposit with paysafecard ticket because i can buy it at work. Perhaps i not give enough warm to my card.
  4. Milesio

    Question: Credit card info deleted from my account

    Thank your for answer. Greetings.
  5. Milesio

    Question: Credit card info deleted from my account

    Ey Rumsponge, i do not read your name when i write answer. Good luck, mate. Greetings.
  6. Milesio

    Question: Credit card info deleted from my account

    Hi. I open my entropia account for deposit with credit card and see there is not credit card in the card list. My card not reach finish date at the moment, i have a lot time. I send a support case before add my card again to card list. Greetings.
  7. Milesio

    Uber: Silent Uber 584.11 ped tt ESI Hi. You cannot see in windows loot but there is a ESI with 584.11 ped tt value. My word. I am so happy. Greetings. Milesio.
  8. HOF 588 ped with Feffox

    HOF 588 ped with Feffox

  9. Milesio

    Baby Trox Events at OLA-02

    Wednesday event is not in event system today February 6 Hi. This evening i try register several times but not see event for wednesday. Five minutes ago i see ad for "1 hour for start". And i not see event in system event again. I try register at landmark but not posible too. I can see only...
  10. Milesio

    Question: Kreltin and Aurli parts

    Hi. We are looting Kreltin and Aurli body parts. Some people say me in game is not posible for us mix kreltin or aurli DNA. I do not see DNA recipes with this mobs. I think Crystal Palace owner can have a private refiner using this mob parts? Or there are a crafting BP using Crystal Palace mobs...
  11. Milesio

    The kindest thing anyone has done for you

    Almost finishing 2007 April, with less 1 month in game, avatar name Craig Allan Bonham find me near Twin peaks trying kill Argonaut Young with my Opalo. He help me with several kill and say me about i can try apply to Global Alliance. Some days after, i read at Entropiaforum Ozi recruit post. If...
  12. Milesio

    DIBS disturbances

    I do a little deposit with VISA last saturday November 17, Dibbs screen take a lot for pass but final message say all is fine. I do login and see my ped is not charged. I send a support case about this. I do another little deposit next day, sunday November 18, and all works fine. So i am...
  13. Milesio


    I am not disturbed by image "Mindark wants you".
  14. Milesio


    As i say before, i voted, but i think "aunt Mindark" figure in first post can do for any people never been in game can wait a different game style. Greetings.
  15. Milesio

    I got the Infected computer call! Awesome!

    Hi, Xerox. I have Windows translated to Spanish, mate. I think can be "E" for me. As "Ejecutar" for DOS command. Greetings.
  16. Milesio

    I got the Infected computer call! Awesome!

    I am not very good with computers today. Really i do not know what pass when i press R after Windows key. I do not know if i must try or not. Greetings.
  17. Milesio


    Voted. :)
  18. Milesio

    Info: Crystal Palace In Space (How To Guide)

    I try arrive CP today and yesterday with my Quad but cannot find. Then today i ask a taxi in Twins, and when we quit atmosphere my computer crashed by Out of Memory. When i do login again i revive at Crystal Palace.;) Thank you lonewolf. Greetings.
  19. Milesio

    The News Team: Bringing the news and views of Planet Calypso

    In last year i see this forum only when i am in Calypso, but i will see more times in future, nevermind wich planet i am in game. I know Butch from game and i think this can be interesting. Greetings.
  20. Milesio

    Question: Find the swamp camp? Mission

    Hi. Rightclick screen, choose avatar, choose mission log, click in "find swamp camp" then click "Track". If all is good you see in radar direction you must follow. I am not online and i am not sure about names i say but not very much difference. Welcome Entropia.
  21. Milesio

    FYI: Happy anniversary to all Tamers

    Hi. I just started taste taming when all is gone, only 4 or 5 little pet deed, but at the moment i have my whip and brush ready and a lot of sweetstuff and fruit ready for mix. I hope only taming is posible in all planets. Greetings.
  22. Milesio

    Odd PMs received from an unknown avatar

    I remember before VU10, when you have opened trade window, you can add the other player without ask nothing.
  23. Milesio

    Achievement: Unlocked Combat Sense skill

    Today i reach level 50 Laser Sniper (hit) and unlocked Combat Sense skill. I am so happy. Greetings.
  24. Achievement: Combat Sense

    Achievement: Combat Sense

    Level 50 laser sniper hit and unlock combat sense