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  1. IvoL

    The new camera system: What, When Where?

    you missed a category there: those that simply gave up and stopped playing... I do hope that eventually after my ongoing break I'll be able to easily revert as much as possible back to how it shoud be, the little exposure I had to the new system made pushed me towards the competition, I'm...
  2. IvoL

    Yubikey x = 2fa hw-based successor of GC?

    I did a quick search (I'm a complete n00b in this area, bear with me if I'm speaking nonsense!) and found there to be TOTP-compatible hardware tokens offered by various parties, prices are ranging from 15-ish to 50-ish euro. With so many out there I'm hoping at least someone to have one and be...
  3. IvoL

    Yubikey x = 2fa hw-based successor of GC?

    Having been inspired by Atrax's very good post explaining that Google (and perhaps also other) 3rd-party authenticator-apps work and are fully compatible with PE, I immediately became curious after reading somewhere about the Ubikey. It comes in various flavours & shapes, and offer several...
  4. IvoL

    why use FB / CDI

    Assuming you are referring to the Solo Annihilation category...I would say one would want to use this in order to have an advantage, a chance of getting more points in the same max. 20 hrs that everyone gets... What is your reference for the underlined bit? If I look at what Bertha (or rather...
  5. IvoL

    MindArk Cultivating Online Immortality in Entropia Universe by Incorporating Advanced Artificial Intelligence Research - Busi

    another question: what is the Business Model going to look like? dead avatars/players (if there still is a distinction at that time) cannot deposit...or should I change my will to have all my belongings put in a special trust fund that deposits 100$ every month from now until the end of...
  6. IvoL

    Question: How to exclude posts from individual people?

    :yay: I'm just loving this! :yay: Thanks again! ;)
  7. IvoL

    Question: How to exclude posts from individual people?

    I know that is possible to exclude posts from certain sections of the forum if you are not interested. I have managed to filter out some stuff that doesn't interest me and improve my PCF experience. If it would be possible to exclude or hide posts from certain individuals, it would certainly...
  8. IvoL

    Enigma Event 28/04 exploit?

    just for my understanding, what do you mean with this? where did it say what should and should not be possibble? admitteldly I've yet to finish the 2nd Enigma, maybe the 3rd is different, but so far the dialogue is always like "come back in about an hour" where I found that sometimes...
  9. IvoL

    Looter Professions, facts & toughts

    Just so I understand what you mean with this: the above means that with an Animal Looter Prof level between 30 & 35 I'll unlock Butchering? What do you mean with Anatomy in this case? I'm an Anim Looter lvl 15, my Anatomy is almost that would mean the extra Skill is still far away...
  10. IvoL

    Best songs to test hifi speakers

    Chemical Brothers - Under the Influence
  11. IvoL

    Mêlée all the Way! 2018 - Ark Edition

    at least 6 globs in the last Kadra/Otorugi hunt :D :lolup: tnx for a very enjoyable evening!
  12. IvoL

    respawn timer...

    I've not been IG yesterday or today....what are you talking about if I may ask?
  13. IvoL

    Christmas gifts 2017 !

    any updates? should I prepare for a long flight past all planets tomorrow?
  14. IvoL

    Realism at what cost.

    sorry for off-topic but what the @#$% is that thing? it appears you were playing on Calypso, is that in the Crater? and is that bot really level 36xx or even 56xx?!
  15. IvoL

    Mêlée all the Way! 2018 - Ark Edition

    yeah baby! Count me in!:lolup::wtg::cool:
  16. IvoL

    Asked To Advise On The Creation Of A New World, I Said YES! - Forbes

    In other words: just like on facebook news anyone is free to yell anything (the world having 217 or more countries, and two or more moons) - forbes is not going to do any "journalist work"....draw your own conclusions from that.
  17. IvoL

    Christmas gifts 2017 !

    any gifts from PP? as title says: did the other planets give out anything nice? perhaps worth a tour d'universe to collect them all?
  18. IvoL

    Asked To Advise On The Creation Of A New World, I Said YES! - Forbes

    Absolutely spot on, couldn't agree more.
  19. IvoL

    Asked To Advise On The Creation Of A New World, I Said YES! - Forbes

    I think I know where the mystery 2.9 million users are, in the 22 off-world countries :laugh: :rofl: :laugh: United Nations counts only 195 countries:wise: MA must have found an entire additional continent full of users eager to play :eureka: :cool:
  20. IvoL

    Avatar's changing hands.... who are you actually dealing with?

    Same here: MA should easily be able to match my ava name with my passport scan.
  21. IvoL

    Avatar's changing hands.... who are you actually dealing with?

    still rockin' - will celebrate 13th b-day next week IvoL was born on 2004-12-22 and first spawned in Nymphtown - planning a wee celebration next week, perhaps try my luck at MM :tongue2::tongue2::tongue2:. Still the same me at the keybaord (or tablet now actually) - although I have to admit...
  22. IvoL

    Merry Mayhem 2017 Preview

    Question consering weapon of choice: Based on my HP I'd end up in Cat6: Category 6 Max Health: 200 Max Base DPS: 90 looking at the list as provided by immortal, I could for instance use this weapon: Cat BASE DPS CLASS TYPE NAME 6 86.5 Pistol BLP Emik X5 If I could...
  23. IvoL

    MindArk's Upcoming Blockchain Project mean to say he actually went ahead with it? And actual people paid actual money for the actual thing??? Actually it doesn't surprise me that news about this didn't make it "into my filter bubble" ;-) Still amusing to hear :-D