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  1. StrongHyper

    James Jimmy Stryker on Twitter

    sounds cool ! I will follow :)
  2. StrongHyper

    My dear Eu players i just want opinions:)

    Use Enter dude ! :yay:
  3. StrongHyper

    Rig Closed today -- cK Coat Killers..

    good point there ecka :lolup:
  4. StrongHyper

    New SIB Mindforce Chart

    great job here :)
  5. StrongHyper

    Challenge to community: Entropia Universe vote

    Over vote :D:silly2:
  6. StrongHyper

    Are you a happy EU participant?

    Happy as always :yay:
  7. StrongHyper

    It's gotta be the shoes

    Those are "SOME" shoes :silly2:
  8. StrongHyper

    6 shots in a row to kill a Daikiba Young that only takes one? Then no loot again!

    I will agree with Etopia.MA should consider of getting out the "no loot" system and start giving us all looters ...:ahh:
  9. StrongHyper

    Need help learning to Moonwalk...

    I'm amazed :)
  10. StrongHyper

    Michael Jackson Video Game Announced - New York Times (blog)

    All I can say is that I liked his songs and the moon dance :) hope the planet will rock :D :yay::yay::yay:
  11. StrongHyper

    Ex Cons - New Members

    Welcome to the Ex Cons family Shoti ... PS: I'm an ex , Ex con :)
  12. StrongHyper

    Question: Rocktropia Revival Terminal

    Hello everyone. I am big fan of Neverdie and I was one of first colonists that actually went to Rocktropia ...first day that it has opened and did only hunt motors heads and vixens.Quit hunting them and came back to Calypso. Now I am back with group of friend with more fire power and ammo and...
  13. StrongHyper

    This sounds hawt!!

    I see my self getting ath on crafting in next few updates lol :yay:
  14. StrongHyper

    Achievement: Sweat Gatherer of the year?

    Well done , soon I will join the club with 2k skill :P i hope :silly2:
  15. StrongHyper

    How to skill up paramedic

    If you are able to afford yourself fap 69 or fap 69 SGA it is great for skilling and costs only 4.8pec per heal. It is also fast and heals for 43 points :) :ahh:
  16. StrongHyper

    Im dead in PE

    Welcome to the Planet Calypso.And yes I agree with the others why did you call it PE , that name of game is not in use for a long time :ahh:
  17. StrongHyper

    How to skill up paramedic

    I do alot of fapping service with ek 2600 and i must say it's not best way to skill up with ... :ahh:
  18. StrongHyper

    Help: Loosing connection

    I get disconnected few times a day too , what is not usual for me :confused:
  19. StrongHyper

    HoF: 1st Hunting Hoff

    gratz dude :yay:
  20. StrongHyper

    Missing from VU10!

    All I would like coming back is mentor&disciple thing and beacons ;)
  21. StrongHyper

    New free tool ready: EntropiaBay Dynamic Signature

    Very impressive feature :ahh:
  22. StrongHyper

    Storm hits and I cried

    A way to learn to drill it out when u get it :)
  23. StrongHyper

    FYI: New owner of Dome 4 at CND

    Gratz and good luck with the dome dude ;)
  24. StrongHyper

    yeah finaly got my payback

    gratz to you:yay:
  25. StrongHyper


    Neverdie has to Lower travel fees , it's just to expencive to got here :eek: