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    Selling: WTS - Electric Attack Nanochip 11 tier 9.4 - Ascension & Adjusted jaguar

    PM me WTS Electric Attack Nanochip 11 TIER 9.4 78/200 WTS FULL Armor sets Ascension Harness (F) Jaguar Harness, Adjusted (F)
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    Do you consider this armor better looking now?

    i dislike new armor looks so bad i miss old ones :c
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    Hello friend

    Hello friend
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    Atrox And Osseocollum Event, 10 Peds Per Global LA40, LA51

    please register me jeffy kakan andreasson
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    How to get my account working again.

    did you use your hotmail to login with ?
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    None Registered Kills

    hey it happen few times for me when i killed mobs i killed around 20-50 mobs dident get any loot for whas lagg or somthing whas wrong so i stop :(
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    Uber: 3 Items and one was UL gun :)

    gz nice :D seeyou leteR^^
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    ℜoyalty™ Custom Make Up Designs!

    should be nice see some few awesome pic ^^
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    Selling: Arkadia Underground Deeds

    still sell?
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    Akoz' Ultimate Event : Registration Thread

    !Register jeffy kakan andreasson