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    News: PSA Event Exploits

    No you are not correct. From event start I did 815 clicks on d-class (11p click), 170 clicks of level 5(12,5p click) and 706 click on different terra amps from 50p per click to 100p per click resulting 0 gems. To be onest last gem I looted was february when monthly on avg Im doing almost 4k...
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    Entropia Universe 18.2.1 Release Notes

    I can just confirm that auto craft works slower than normal one. I did the test and in the time you do 100 clicks on normal craft you are doing only 54 on auto craft. Thats huge difference
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    Entropia Universe 18.2 Release Notes

    Well play mindark, I was able to start crafting and now my unl bp is gone. I checked on item page and its not there. You are the best !
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    Entropia Universe 18.2 Release Notes

    M MA style of implementing stuff. It just not work for me too. Same message. GJ MINDARK :D
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    Selling: WTS T3,99 [A&P Series Mayhem LP-40, Perfected] - PRICE Reduced

    Noted. Thank you for yours as always generous offer.
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    Price Check LP-40 Perf

    T3.99 lp-40 not worth +63k. At least I cant sell mine for that price sooo.
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    Loot tracker - Entropia Tally

    Has anyone recently experienced issues with the tracker shutting down randomly without any errors? The application process is still visible in the manager, but the app disappears in Windows 11 Pro.
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    Lemony Snicket's Unfortunate Tale - Hunting with Longtime

    Obiously you didnt cycle enough! Or mindark charge you for the Crown ;)
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    Price Check LP-40 Perf

    I have mine lp-40 from long time ago. The point was that if someone will sell another for 35k then I gladly take another one for my 2nd hand :D
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    Price Check Imp 2870 TWEN Edition

    If you are not sure how many there are then just not say such things. there are 6 and you can check that on entropialife in rare tab