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    News: Introducing TWEN Token

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    Login Problems - BEWARE - Don't keep using your gold card!

    The Nanites used for Viceroy upgrade, can they only be found through Treasure mining on Arkadia, or hunting aswell? Sorry for OT, but couldn't find answer.
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    Login Problems - BEWARE - Don't keep using your gold card!

    So if the servers come up today, you won't deposit? It HAS to be 1:st January for you to be able to deposit?
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    Selling: ....

    Hi, im interested and will pay pure peds, i've send FL ingame, please accept and we'll discuss the price. Kind regards Fjaskit Raticka Fjaskir
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    Please Help 120k peds Mistake!

    Well maybe he did same mistake as Mary? He might've thought that he put up order at 68PEDs per AUD, and not 68PEDs total for 1.9k+ AUDs. :wise:
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    *Atrax Park* 10 PED per Global Madness!

    Count me in!
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    Formicacida Uprising

    Fjaskit Raticka Fjaskir :yay::yay:
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    Selling: Angel (M) with dune rider arms, missing Thighs/Gloves

    As Title, im selling full Angel (M) with Dune rider arms, set is missing Thighs/Gloves. BO: 8k
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    Selling: Herman ARK-21 Desert (L) x 13

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    Selling: Herman ARK-21 Desert (L) x 13

    Bump :yay::yay::yay:
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    Selling: Herman ARK-21 Desert (L) x 13

    bump :yay::yay:
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    Selling: Herman ARK-21 Desert (L) x 13

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    Selling: Herman ARK-21 Desert (L) x 13

    Hey, selling herman ARK 21-Deserts (L), 13 of them total TT : 2340 PEDs. BO: 110% for all Or best offer. Will sell quick because in need of peds fast. PM here or ingame: Fjaskit Raticka Fjaskir
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    50K PED Summer Showdown - BIG Industries

    Fjaskit Raticka Fjaskir Thanks :)
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    Buying: Trade Laser weaponry skill for my BLP weaponry

    Hello, Im intrested in swapping BLP Weaponry skill for Laser weaponry. PM me or write in thread for info etc. Raticka
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    Buying: Tiger/Jaguar (M)

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    Buying: Tiger/Jaguar (M)

    Bumpity bump
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    Buying: Tiger/Jaguar (M)

    Hi all, looking to purchase either full set Tiger or Jaguar (M), if u have anything else in the price range/protection range, feel free to PM what u have :). Kind Regards Raticka
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    Uber: 33k hof??????????????????

    I am in a fucking shock no fucking idea what just happend, but it did happen? If i didnt have a conversation with Divinity few mins ago,, this wouldn't have happend. Thanks bro. im so confused right now :woot::woot::woot::woot::woot::woot::woot::woot::woot::woot::woot::woot:
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    162K Explosive Projectiles With Video (And Giveaways!)

    Big grats man. Can't wait until I see those 6 digits with my name next to it ��
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    Strongbox ring chance

    About 3k boxes, 1 unl ring worth tt+80 i believe, and a rare pet worth 500
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    Uber: This have been the most retarded day of my life.

    BIIIG Grats buddy :D Well fucking deserved!!! :yay::yay::yay::yay:
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    First Solo Worthwhile loot in 6 years of EU

    :woot::woot::woot::woot::woot: No words to describe how well fucking deserved and happy i am that it went to u buddy. :wtg::wtg::wtg::wtg::wtg::wtg: