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  1. Rapido

    Info: 153234 Gorgon ATH players

    Gratz to the winners :)
  2. Rapido

    Entropia Life, (Tracker)

    Hi all. I've got this messages för some days now and wonder if any one ells got them, first time I accept them, but now I don't... And what is it means? Hm, can't get pictures in here!!! So here is the text... Scriptfel 1 Rad: 125 Tecken: 653 Fel: Okänt körningsfel Kod: 0 URL...
  3. Rapido

    News: Entropia Pocket Update

    On my phone, I have "Entropia Pocket version 3.0", is that the newest version of the app? Regards Rob Green
  4. Rapido

    Suggestion: Please fix unkickable society members

    I'ts not right, remove old inactive players from there soc and lets us go on.... whit new members :)
  5. Rapido

    HoF: Nice robot

    Gratz, nice HoF :)
  6. Rapido

    News: Disturbance notice regarding connectivity and service issues

    Me asking the same as Messi, but far away his fantastic skilling experience, just joking and waiting for my big returen com on MA, lol :)
  7. Rapido

    FYI: Mayhem Events Update

    Any thoughts about WoF, would MA be interested to hold/run that old player event? Because that was a fun event :)
  8. Rapido

    The Story of My Life

    Sad to hear that you will leave EU, but you don't have to kill your AVA, could make a comeback later on, who knows :) But if not, GL to you in the future...
  9. Rapido

    Uber: 44.1k Mulmun

    Gratz :)
  10. Rapido

    Entropialife down???

    As title say, and the same goes for tracker, down or is it something else? //Rapido
  11. Rapido

    Objectcollisions: This starts to get pathetic!

    Hi Angel The first thing have happen to me to some years back, but don't remember where or what mob I shoot that time... //Rob Rapido Green
  12. Rapido

    Entropia Life Updates 2019

    Same issue here :( //Rapido
  13. Rapido

    Entropia Universe 16.5.0 Release Notes

    Global bug... Hi, when I global, EU open 2 window, the proffession and the freindlist!!!
  14. Rapido

    Entropia Universe 16.5.0 Release Notes

    Error on loading it... Get an error after 95% loading, even if I run it as administrator! What can I do to get it to work properly?
  15. Rapido

    Suggestion: Import/export office/terminal

    interested, will follow this tread........
  16. Rapido

    Achievement: 400k skills

    Big Gratz :)
  17. Rapido

    Suggestion: shields.... new item

    Not a bad idea :)
  18. Rapido

    Search by DPS interval in auction

    agree :yay::D Rapido
  19. Rapido

    Should Uber Hunters Be Guaranteed TT Profit?

    Do not think it would be a good solution, but to include an avatars skills factor in the loot calculation could be good. Example: normal loot from mob * a skill factor of the avatar, for example 0.255 (avatar skills total is 255) could be a way to go. Maybe that already works today, but this was...
  20. Rapido

    Help: Error from graphic card...

    Weeee :) Problem solved :) Did upgrade to newest version again and now it's ok :) But have no idea why the problem came up in the first place though... //Rapido
  21. Rapido

    Help: Error from graphic card...

    Did run it, and installed an older version, but didn't help... //Rapido
  22. Rapido

    Help: Error from graphic card...

    Radeon programvaruversion - 17.5.2 Radeon programvaruutgåva - Crimson ReLive Grafikkrets - AMD Radeon (TM) R7 360 Series Minnesstorlek - 2048 MB Minnestyp - GDDR5 Huvudklocka - 1060 MHz Windows-version - Windows 10 (64 bit) Systemminne - 8 GB CPU-typ - AMD FX(tm)-6300 Six-Core Processor This...
  23. Rapido

    Help: Error from graphic card...

    Bought this card for over a year ago, never had problems before :( //Rapido
  24. Rapido

    Help: Error from graphic card...

    Reinstall graphic drivers, didn't help, so now I have to wait for support to answer :/ Stupid thing if MA have changed something in the program about graphic cards... //Rapido
  25. Rapido

    Help: Error from graphic card...

    Will try that :) //Rapido