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  1. LeeLoo Faith


    Heehoo, we try to do a new years group hunt on january 5th at 7pm EU time. lets meet in jason center cheers LeeLoo
  2. LeeLoo Faith

    LeeLoos Mom

    hey all, thx for your support has been a very though time last year and this year but things are improving. Mom is in a better elderly home now, closer to my aunt (her sister) and my brother, and for me is also much easier to visit her. She still cannot walk but on christmas we had her home...
  3. LeeLoo Faith

    LeeLoos Mom

    thx guys. it is still exhausting, so much to do with paperworks etc.. horrible.. but she is still doing ok.. training her right leg, so she might be able to stand on it or helo getting from wheelchair into car .. just Xmas makes her sad, it was always imprtant for her that the family is...
  4. LeeLoo Faith

    LeeLoos Mom

    Mom is still improving slowly. last thursday I saw tiny signs of life in her right arm :yay: Eating is fully recovered by now, the stomach tube is off and wounds healed. :wtg:
  5. LeeLoo Faith

    LeeLoos Mom

    thx to all who care and asked me here , via pm or in game how she does. she is fighting and improving step by step she can now talk quite understandable again, she can eat again. :yay: next goal would be getting up herself, then standing .. we just hope she keeps her mood up and continues to...
  6. LeeLoo Faith

    LeeLoos Mom

    Ty wizz. Yeah she is slowly improving. Got some soft things to eat finally. She was so happy that she had a banana .. incredible. :) < talking is improving too
  7. LeeLoo Faith

    LeeLoos Mom

    Pictures my Moms cute Cats Funny&Felix are waiting for her "mommy" to return.. and she wishes nothing more than that herself.. she always talks about the other ppl living in the care home as "the old ppl" .. most of them are 20 and more years older than her and are not doing anything nice ...
  8. first soup

    first soup

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  10. first ice

    first ice

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  13. LeeLoo Faith

    LeeLoos Mom

    Thx a lot . Its though atm but we still have hope that she can improve
  14. LeeLoo Faith

    LeeLoos Mom

    Hey all some might be wondering where I got lost. I am having very hard times this year.. two jobs .. lots of stress.. sick dog (lot of stomach problems, broken paw) and a very hard and though brain stroke hit my mom. So much organisational things to do... forms to fill.. things to order by...
  15. LeeLoo Faith

    Info: Colorer List

    some updates some updates made to list :D
  16. LeeLoo Faith


    great video, ty four sharing!I feel so ancient today..
  17. LeeLoo Faith

    Info: Colorer List

    moved "inactive"? Colorers&Textures to second post
  18. LeeLoo Faith

    PollDo Strongboxes Need A Downside?

    would be nice to be able to do something with the L rings that I got .. I will never be able to wear them off.. maybe trade 10 of them to one UL ring or something.. or make them sellable I also still have a lot of pills.. not sure If I will ever manange to use them all up .. would be nice if I...
  19. LeeLoo Faith

    YASP v.1 (Yet Another Space Proposal)

    I like the idea of the OP. just to get to fly your way once you have been shot. It should be restricted somehow to fly in the exact same configuration (same passenger/s, same inventory..) I can imagine where it comes from .. ppl making fun of shooting ships over and over again, making it...
  20. LeeLoo Faith

    Which slogan do you prefer ?

    pls give me your definition of a good dialogue :laugh::laugh::laugh:
  21. LeeLoo Faith

    Buying: Ruby Canin, Rabinger, Wolpertinger

    all done :yay: now I just need the possibility to spawn them all in line :shower:
  22. LeeLoo Faith

    Remove TP's !

    I have some very fond memories of my TP runs.. when trying to reach a new town just by foot and mighty opalo. lots of fun! :yup:
  23. LeeLoo Faith

    Info: Colorer List

    not responding ( = not active?) Coloring Nadie ------------ 55 mrs-Zap ---------- 38 Mrs Zap Color Service Mirandax --------- 32 Kitten------------ 30 Zunami ----------- 27 Beauty Shop Elora ------------ 24 Iolanda ---------- 21 Bissys Coloring JayWalker -------- 20 Jaywalker's FreeService...
  24. LeeLoo Faith

    Selling: Mythic Eudoracell Pet 1 lvl

    bid withdrawn :ahh:
  25. LeeLoo Faith

    SoReal's Equus Warp Service

    I will definatly add you in Game for my next trip to Arkadia :wise: Equus can only take 1 passenger, right?