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  1. Ed Ward

    Entropia Universe Release 12.1.4 Available

    send me a mail when RT estate bugs are fixed, so i can log in again, tyvm
  2. Ed Ward

    Servers Are Down

    estates bugs on RT not fixed, i checked. So am returning to another online game. Cheers!
  3. Ed Ward

    Servers Are Down

    I doubt they will fix estate bugs on RT :(
  4. Ed Ward

    Selling: Quad unL and Marber Tango

    Because without beeing closed, i'll connect from time to time, which is not what I want. I want noone beeing able to continue harrassment, I want my experience in EU free of trolls. Consider this as a bump to 711
  5. Ed Ward

    Selling: Quad unL and Marber Tango

    Ya, this a bye bye, still waiting for account closure
  6. Ed Ward

    Selling: Quad unL and Marber Tango

    Last hours to get a chance to get in touch with me, I asked 711 to close my pcf account.
  7. Ed Ward

    The Speed of light might not be the speed limit...

    Wondering myself, am I right if I bring this: in one of the early articles on the subject, it was said there were a difference of 20 cm in the experience. So 20 cm at the speed of light, how long does it take? 0.2/300000000=6.67x 10e-10 or 0.67 nano sec, that does not fit with the 60 nano...
  8. Ed Ward

    TT any non-EU items

    Personnaly, I already TT a lots of items that I loot, market is not as much developped on rt to sell everything at auction. Hearing from strangers i never heard about that I have to go back to RT, I will probably TT all and never bring rare stuff on caly from now on. So your idea in this thread...
  9. Ed Ward

    The Speed of light might not be the speed limit...

    I've read it Stave, I don't know what to say... After reading first publicaton from your link, seems neutrinos should have had less eV in Italy, but 'if blablabla faster etc' which was thought impossible, what other thing will be found to explain the speed? At that point anything considered...
  10. Ed Ward

    The Speed of light might not be the speed limit...

    Interesting but like someone responded in the link you provided, Jimmy, this explanation claiming relativity has been forgotten in the reference frame is totally wrong, nothing implying relativity here. copy/paste of a comment: Second, not just that but that explanation has nothing to do with...
  11. Ed Ward

    Achievement: I'm no longer a diciple!!

    now you're graduated, time for noob trainings :laugh: (will never end hehe)
  12. Ed Ward

    Teaser: Mount Hephastos!

    to me, it looks like a tsk tsk landed without his arrows
  13. Ed Ward

    wtf cap

    hey dude, ask Narfi, he has it if am right
  14. Ed Ward

    Secret Event on Rocktropia

    bump, 2 days left to register. Event designed for new/modest players, armor is disabled so people won't hunt the dragons that are on the LA.
  15. Ed Ward

    Server Downtime for Release

    panic update for estate bugs :laugh:
  16. Ed Ward

    Secret Event on Rocktropia

    Hey, wanted to make you aware of this event, check it out! ->
  17. Ed Ward

    Public Apolgy - Sorry Alan.

    I would have +repped you but i have to spread more reputation around since last rep i sent you. I repped a lot btw though. dunno how many we have to spread. Cheers
  18. Ed Ward

    Skywalker Spacelines

    lol, you're funny, Ace. :) (not sarcastic here) Works for me
  19. Ed Ward

    Help: When is it enough?

    It doesn't matter, on the long term, you get enough skills, whatever you start skilling with. On the very long term, you're lvl 100 everywhere hehe. More seriously, try to see what you will use in 1-3 years, and choose accordingly to the budget you'll need then. Just my 2 pecs.
  20. Ed Ward

    Selling: Quad unL and Marber Tango

    Updated OP. Tonight, I had the opportunity to verify my theorie in close combats, while raiding a MS, as I was working from long/middle range for now, and 4 kmh of difference DOES make the difference, so, I keep my unL quad.
  21. Ed Ward


    BLP breaking news Captain Ed reporting target destroyed at approximatively 21:00 MA time (the mothership Gagarin). A few small ships tried to land on RT from Space station after the attack, they also been downed. Shadows now slowly taking place in Rocktropia surrounding space. No loss on our...
  22. Ed Ward


    Thanks for your efforts, Daisy. Everyone, pirate or not has been dreaming of space battles, you have to admit. BLP seems on a good start and will grow, am sure :yay: This is a good time in the life of EU. :yup:
  23. Ed Ward

    Selling: Full tt quad CHEAP

    once for daddy, once for mummy lmao
  24. Ed Ward

    Bring back planetary safe zones!

    very cool, man! How did you get that inside infos? :laugh:
  25. Ed Ward

    Selling: Full tt quad CHEAP

    I understand you, but keep in mind we all have our moods, and your reaction may be partly driven by the style of my reply to his post. We're all learning everydays, and the OP here do not seem an old dog, peace, please, you're adding to forum 'wars' in another way than he did. Not the best...