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  1. Karmic

    Buying: Buying all sorts of makeup

    haven't found you in game or PM, i have a lot of makeup to sell but I'll be off in a couple days so if you see this please let me know
  2. Karmic

    Other games.

    mlb crypto starts on Friday for all you baseball and crypto fans. I had a longer post describing it but i guess if you start a new thread here it gets deleted so I'll add to this one too!. Find me and a bunch of other people on the discord if you want more details or for...
  3. Karmic

    Support isn't giving me items I lent to now inactive players

    None of those items are yours.
  4. Karmic

    Halloween Mayhem 2018 Results

    Redundancy is extremely desirable in the big scheme.
  5. Karmic

    Just wondering if I'm the only one who noticed....

    entropialife is not the official hoflist and not all globals/hofs are recorded there. Most of my globals on planets other than calypso are not recorded, it misses some on calypso, and I've had it miss at least one HoF as well. Some of the towers are years old as well because some players use...
  6. Karmic

    Entropia Universe 15.16.0 Release Notes

    Why no thieving bastard skill for looting players?
  7. Karmic

    Death From Above: Attackers and Steel Birds Ambush CDF Troop!

    Attackers used to drop oil and I got an emik s30 UL from one once during an event but they seem to be solar powered now. Spider bombers I haven't found anything interesting on.
  8. Karmic

    Arkadia Moon Deeds Sale

    Yes, deal breaker indeed.
  9. Karmic

    5 years since Droka uber

    5 years since they changed the loot distribution so low level mobs don't give 6k ped loot like they used to (rarely), by player request.
  10. Karmic

    Selling: *RARE* Art Collection, Mark Kostabi, Kika Karadi and Ernst Billgren

    How can you not remember this? i thought you were old.
  11. Karmic

    Selling: *RARE* Art Collection, Mark Kostabi, Kika Karadi and Ernst Billgren

    Stuff about having a factory of minimum wage or below workers churning out his paintings and selling them for $50,000.
  12. Karmic

    FYI: Cerb Hulk Beris - Hunting log

    Show me a professional poker player that has a profit every month and I'll show you a liar.
  13. Karmic

    Anyone else out there really love hunting without armor? Why or why not?

    I used to hunt without armor a lot, but with the changes in armor decay it's not efficient unless you can hunt without armor AND without the need to heal.
  14. Karmic

    Question: Mindforce amps?

    I hate the fact i had several hundred ped of diluted sweat that I TT'd a month ago.
  15. Karmic

    NEVERDIE Teleportation ICO to Monetize Infrastructure and Drive Trillion Dollar Virtual Goods Economy as The First ... - Mark

    There is still a link with other tokens and Rocktropia. The reason ND didn't link the teleport tokens with Rocktropia is because of forum outcry against it. I am neither suggesting you buy these nor calling them worthless, just interested to see what happens.
  16. Karmic

    NEVERDIE Teleportation ICO to Monetize Infrastructure and Drive Trillion Dollar Virtual Goods Economy as The First ... - Mark

    Yet if the David|Arkadia did the exact same thing the Arkadia forums would be talking about how brilliant it was. Look at all the other tokens people are making, like someone stated before, most will be worthless but some will be worth a lot, when bitcoin was less than 5 cents nobody imagined...
  17. Karmic

    Mining returns

    I started playing around with mining a little bit again and i haven't done enough to make a judgement on returns, however, I am finding a lot of Lyst in places that didn't have lyst before. Is this the case planetwide?
  18. Karmic

    NEWS: Cryptocurrency. It's coming faster than you think.

    There are plenty of financial services companies built around cryptocurrency as well as plenty of fees.
  19. Karmic

    Entropia Universe 15.15.0 Release Notes

    Can you implement a way to repair melee weapons with shrapnel at the 101% rate? I don't want to complain much about this change because it is better overall, but it's not as great for melee users.
  20. Karmic


    btw Crissy, what is your solution? have ND hand Sarah a gun so Joda can throw a fit?
  21. Karmic


    Yeah this is total BS, everyone that went into it knew the lower players had a chance of getting a better prize because of the random distribution. Harassing the players that got the prizes is completely wrong, probably worse than Joda's abuse directed at lunchbox. But it's pretty much...
  22. Karmic


    Well, the rules of this competition stated that the prizes would be random among the winners. Everyone seems to complain that the same people get all the top prizes every time so this way there was a chance that the people who placed lower could get a good prize. What are the armor pieces btw...
  23. Karmic

    Developer Notes #11 - Loot 2.0

    Replace it with nanocubes, take nanocubes out of the TT
  24. Karmic

    PED flow centre improvements

    There was a compet payout?