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  1. Lieska

    Selling: Jashonic AP BP (QR100)

    As I no longer craft, I have no need for this ATH jacked BP with quality rating of 100. Open for offers via PM.
  2. Lieska

    Selling: FFA Stars

    Selling ~12.7k FFA Stars 3pec/each.
  3. Lieska

    Selling: Meckel & Loch ML-45 Tier 6.3

    Items of interest included in the trade are Adj. restoration chip or mod ares. Pure ped works just fine aswell. SB: 3.8k BO: 4.4k Contact me via PM here or ingame.
  4. Lieska

    Selling: Easter Ring 2017

    Easter Ring 2017 for right hand with a good variety of buffs. Such as: 12% Acceleration, 12% Faster Reload, Focused Blow 2.0 percentage points, Decrease Critical 24.0 percentage and Auto Loot for 24.0 meters Accepting offers that are of pure ped. SOLD
  5. Lieska

    Selling: Dante amp

    Selling BLP amp Dante TT(19.90)+1600. In total: 1619,90ped. Contact me here or ingame.:beerchug:
  6. Lieska

    Selling: Angel Foot-Guards (M) UL Tier 2.9

    For your protection. Selling shiny tier 2.9 Angel boots for 1.8k BO
  7. Lieska

    Selling: 780.45 tt ESI

    **SOLD** Regards, Aphex Lieska Twin
  8. Lieska

    Selling: Jashonic AP BP QR100

    Hey guys, As the title says I'm taking offers for my Jashonic AP blueprint @ 100QR. This blueprint has done much good for me in the past. A load of UL weapon click prints and few discoveries and 60-70k ATH in the past. :wtg: I don't think there's too many of these in game at this QR taking...
  9. Lieska

    Selling: Crafting Skills

    Need to boost your craftsmanship? Now is a pretty good time to do so because I got a quite nice amount of crafting skills, that are now for sell. Just get in touch with me by adding me ingame (Aphex Lieska Twin) and we can discuss about skills you want and price that will suit us both...
  10. Lieska

    Selling: Ml-45

    Hello guys, My tier 4.5 ML-45 is now for sale. Here are remaining tiers: 136 76 78 125 115 64 76 Selling it for TT+10.5k PED. No offers below that, thank you. *Only PEDs accepted in the deal.*
  11. Lieska

    Selling: Angel UL male 6 piece set.

    Taking offers for Angel male set that includes Helmet T1.6 Arms T1.8 Gloves T2.0 Thighs T2.5 Shins T1.8 Feet T1.6 Please PM me your serious offers only.
  12. Lieska

    Selling: Level 5 Finder Amplifier Blueprint UL (QR 100)

    Might sell this blueprint if good enough offer is given. PM me your offer if you want to have it. Best offer so far is 2550ped. Not quite something I'm willing to let go of this awesome bp.
  13. Lieska

    Selling: Geotrek Mina H41 Unlimited Tier 4.4

    In auction *Thread closed*
  14. Lieska

    Selling: Dominax Original Mamba UL

    Get ready for the re-introduce of the taming system and get yourself a UL whip. SB: TT+250 (TT=2180)
  15. Lieska

    Discovery: DOA Longbolt (L)

    *UPDATE* Did fruit test and decay was 2.250pec. Added that and some additional info to entropedia aswell. This DOA can be now found from auction. Discovered this new noobish DOA from a Primordial Longu Stalker today. A bit busy atm to post pics or to do a eco test, but just wanna give out...
  16. Lieska

    Selling: Level 5 Finder Amplifier (L) BP - 0.12QR

  17. Lieska

    Selling: Selling ML-45 Tier 1.9

    SB/BO = 11k You can usually find me from Akmuul or Oshiri. Or just PM me and we can arrange meeting. Regards. Aphex Lieska Twin BAHQ
  18. Lieska

    Selling: Selling Tier 2.0 DOA Strikehammer

    Thinking about selling this baby if I get good enough offer for it. So PM me if you're serious buyer. Regards. Aphex Lieska Twin BAHQ
  19. Lieska

    Selling: Selling Angel (M) set without harness.

    SB/BO is 24k. You can usually find me from Akmuul or Oshiri. Or just PM me and we can arrange meeting. Regards. Aphex Lieska Twin BAHQ
  20. Lieska

    Discovery: UL Breer P4a

    Discovered a blueprint with 1 click today and it was a success! :cool: It came to me in full TT (4596) If you're intrested in buying this gun you can find it from ingame auction.
  21. Lieska

    Selling: DOA Strikehammer

    Here is a nice piece of weaponry for sale. Auction will run 2 weeks after SB has been met. Stats: Tier = 0.9 BO TT+20k
  22. Lieska

    Buying: Angel Harness & Thighs. (SGA or not)

    Like the title says I'm looking for those.
  23. Lieska

    Selling: DOA Loudmouth

    *SOLD* I'm willing to trade this to Angel harness & thighs btw.
  24. Lieska

    Buying: Commando skill

    If you are or know someone who is selling this skill.. I'm the guy to get in touch with.
  25. Lieska

    Buying: Strikehammer or Rockjacker

    Primarily looking to get Strikehammer, but could get Rockjacker instead if I get good deal on it. I have a Loudmouth for trade too, if you want to downgrade you current DOA. Aphex Lieska Twin