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    Selling: Level 1 Finder Amplifier

    Amp has been sold. Thanks.
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    Dorki Hunts - video series

    Hi everyone! Dorki started making hunting videos now too. This thread is not intended to be a proper hunting log, but rather a place for Dorki to share his hunting videos and for you to comment and discuss random hunting stuff with Dorki. Most of the videos will be swirlie montages, funny...
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    Dorki's quest for profit, mining log

    It's been few years since my last mining log. The time to give it another try has come. I'll include the cycle from december 2016 as well, even though I spent most of the month hunting rather than mining. However, my plan for 2017 is to only do mining. Main goals: profit, tower, ATH Secondary...
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    Best daily quest in game - 75 pec engineering reward

    For more information on this mission please see click here
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    Selling: Full TT ESI

    Today I looted full TT ESI that I want to sell. I decided to auction the ESI in ingame auction. You can find it there until sold. Dunno how closing/deleting thread works, but this thread can be closed it someone does it manually.
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    Dorki's mining log

    I've decided to start my own mining log here. It is intended to be a very long term project. However, high losses and unexpected sales on Steam may interfere with my ability to keep mining continuously. My goals for this mining log will be: Profit: 1000 ped - 5000 ped - 10 000 ped - 50 000 ped...
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    New society - Red army

    Hello everybody and welcome to this thread I've just started a new society named Red army. I'll provide the basic information in this post. Hopefully, some of you will decide to join my society Society is aimed to: Well, Red army has a goal of providing something for everybody. Doesn't matter...
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    Automatical rent payment

    I know that every reseller out there will probably -rep me :D. But i have to bring this idea up. There are some resellers who brought prices of appartments, houses and shops up. It was unnatural process and it p*ssed me off. The worst thing is that they can do this and they don't even have to...
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    Beard shaving

    Today I totaly shaved off my beard for the first time after more than two years(I was only maintaining the same lenght of it during that time - so you wouldn't think I was some apeman from wilderness ...). Anyway, I was just wondering when did you all (male only ofc.:D) start to shave your...
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    Slovensky mentor

    I'm searching for Slovak and Czech players, who are in need of mentor. What do I offer to my disciples?: answers for all their questions about the game, advices and of course help with sweating(of course only when im online :D) in case you decide not to deposit. Something about me ingame: I'm...
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    Yet another experiment

    I've done a solo sweating experiment. I was sweating in mix of pixie and rascal armor (2rascal pieces, the rest was pixie) and killed dry mobs. Totaly I spent 5240 ammo (52,4ped) and decay on my armor was 3,5 ped. I used Korss 350 (L) pistol and tt gun. After counting my profit/loss I found out...
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    Mining experiment 1 hundred

    Mining experiment 1 hundred: Goals: 1) mine as long as possible 2) mine unarmed and without any armor 3) explore which ores are in which areas of Amethera and Eudoria 4) post results of every run When is this experiment finished? 1) when i run out of peds 2) in case i die IRL Equipment...