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  1. Serpentis

    The Treasure Hunt Frenzy is going LIVE!

    Time out, voting is over Ok guys here are the results of the voting session. We got 5 votes for sunday versus 15 voices for saturday, so Saturday wins. Regarding times, we got 12 votes for 18:00 for only 2 at 21:00 and one at 20:00 (don't forget that people that won more tickets have more...
  2. Serpentis

    The Treasure Hunt Frenzy is going LIVE!

    Event rules Hey guys, I was asked to clarify a few things regarding the rules during the event. So there you go: PVP enabled Satnav disabled No vehicules No mindforce Regarding what you will have to do, this is pretty simple, there will be 5000ped worth of items and money spread around the...
  3. Serpentis

    The Treasure Hunt Frenzy is going LIVE!

    Thank you for your vote mate ;)
  4. Serpentis

    The Treasure Hunt Frenzy is going LIVE!

    Treasure hunt frenzy qualifiers winners list Hi again, here is the qualifiers winners list: 1.Limollou Supreme NTM Stars (x2) 2. Aemon Swoop Knight 3. Ashton Levi Price 4. Hassala Hassala Abdel 5. Jack RING-187th- Reacher 6. Shag Junior Nasty 7. Mucu Oye Kami 8. Saiber Saib Kills 9...
  5. Serpentis

    The Treasure Hunt Frenzy is going LIVE!

    Hello everyone, Great news for you folks, the Treasure hunt frenzy you have all been waiting for is finally going live on the first weekend of april 2011! So here is how it is going to happen. All winners of the previous qualifiers will have to vote here to decide when this event should take...
  6. Serpentis

    Apartment Give Away tonight on RavenJade's Rock show

    Hey guys Yeah it was fun thanks for coming guys ;) And Ravenjade, thank you for the show, was awsome ;) Drakens Serpentis
  7. Serpentis

    Free Treasure hunt frenzy qualifier!

    lol i don't know what bump means yet but hey I'm still new on the forum. Anyway, just wanted to let you guys know that there will be qualifiers for the treasure hunt frenzy every week until we get enough people qualified for the big event. Plus it's free to join, so don't miss that great...
  8. Serpentis

    AAHR's RavenJade is doing our party on Satan's Choice's Drakens OLA 26! Watch out for the Vampires!

    Hey everyone Thank you for coming to the party hosted by Ravenjade last friday Lots of prizes were given away, well those who attended the party probably know Code monkey won most of the prizes but hey, he was good at answering the questions so he diserved it. Anyway, the next party will be...
  9. Serpentis

    hey there thanks for your frind request I just accepted you ;) Cheers mate, Drakens Serpentis

    hey there thanks for your frind request I just accepted you ;) Cheers mate, Drakens Serpentis
  10. Serpentis

    Happy Birthday

    Hey guys I know it's a bit late for this, but I just stumbled upon that thread and even if it's kind of late for this I still wanted to thank you all for your support. I had a great birthday party thanks to you guys, I hope there will be many more parties as fun as that one was. Take care...
  11. Serpentis

    The treasure hunt frenzy qualifiers

    Htank you mate, good luck out there ;)
  12. Serpentis

    The treasure hunt frenzy qualifiers

    Dear Fellow Entropians, I have the pleasure to announce that the qualifiers for the upcoming treasure hunt frenzy have started. This week there will be two different types of events you can join to get a chance to qualify for the 5000ped treasure hunt frenzy. Wednesday's event will be a...
  13. Serpentis

    Info: List of post v10 outback area's

    Update for OLA 26 Hi I'm the new onwer of OLA 26 and few changes have occured since I acquired it. 1DNA Allophyl 'MAx population, max maturity) 1DNA Allophyl (Max population, maturity 1) 2DNA Molisk (MAx population, minimum maturity) Taxes: Hutning 3.90% Mining 4.0% One trade terminal...
  14. Serpentis

    Info: Looking for Co-owners of Medusa's Head

    Medusa's head partnership Dear Qetesh, If you happen to win the auction for the Medusa's head I will be interesting buying a substantial amount of shares. Please contact me by email for more information since I am not willing to disscuss this further in a public forum. Email...