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  1. Kitch

    DPS porno stats

    post your current best weapon setup stats for dps if its a setup you are currently building, then say so. include all, inc dmg enhancers, buffs of any kind etc -kitch
  2. Kitch

    Low level weapons should be crafted instead

    Hi, So I decided to skill laser sniper and I am starting from noob levels 20/15, straight away I am having a real problem finding the suitable L weapons on the AH :mad: There should be a nice array of kallous, 1,2,3,4,5 etc but all see s1x1, fucking jester and other crafted ones only. Does...
  3. Kitch

    Honest answer on the direction of EU

    Dear MA, Over the last few years (I joined in 2012) many of the changes you have made to the game have left me doing this > :scratch2: The premise of the game as far as I am aware has allways been thus: You invest in your avatar so you can potentially take advantage of economic opportunities...
  4. Kitch

    This item was crafted by...

    I'd like to see something in the info of an item of who crafted it. Just would be cool, it's in another game I was into once. -kitch
  5. Kitch

    Buying: rascal shin M or the bp for it

    rascal shin M or lend me the bp to craft one would be fine too kitch lazarus
  6. Kitch

    Tell us your best Rages, Rage quits, Flame Batlles in EU :P

    Title says it all...
  7. Kitch

    Kitch's MF Ambu log

    Gonna do a log cause I have never done one.. So after a break of a few month I decided to try the water again, as first choice I wanted to do mining but I'm not going to even bother attempting it as I know conditions for me are not suitable at the moment (since 2013). So decided to cycle 10k...
  8. Kitch

    Selling: T3 Kinetic attack nanochip V TEN edition

    tier 3.6 remaining tier rates 120, 70, 65, 89, 123, 121, 136 TT+ 600 ped only, pm in forum w/ offers please not in game as I wont be logged in cheers
  9. Kitch

    Retention rate

    You will see that most of my disciples only completed a few % and in over a year of mentoring only two have passed :yup: There was one guy who grasped everything eco wise and all the maths and concepts in a few days and had made over 200ped in his first week and completed half the...
  10. Kitch

    Too many spies...

    Does anyone think there are too many people either "Incognito" or "Asleep", "Invisible" whatever? Why do people do it? I put myself as AFK if I am but that's it. Doesn't people think it's weird? Also, can you message an incognito person who is in your fl? will they receive it? Is there a clear...
  11. Kitch

    Item Loan Deeds

    So what I am after more than anything, and I have raised it before and know others have too (I don't care) Is the ability to loan an item out and have it deposited back into your inventory after the loan period expires. Here's how it could work, I will add ideas to this: ~The Loan trade window...
  12. Kitch

    How long will the servers be down for this time?

    how longgggggggggggggg.........
  13. Kitch

    Buying: saerhmnir full TT wanted

    after a saehmnir (cant spell it) a Full TT one definately, would prefer un textured/coloured but speak to me anyway if you have a full tt one as I may like the design. Ill will pay 250% Thanks!
  14. Kitch

    Do you plan to play ComPets?

    Do you plan to play ComPets?
  15. Kitch

    fastest way to skill DMG profession?

    Hi, this is a mentoring question I had but not really sure. Basically in this scenario: A player wants to get both hit and dmg levels to say 21, the dmg profession is lower, say 15(dmg) 17(hit) Should they carry on skilling with main weapon, till the dmg gets to 21, then chip out the hit prof...
  16. Kitch

    Mind Force Amps

    Hi, can we have some mindforce amp options please added to the game. there is definately a desire for this in game so they would be in demand, I would certainly be buying UL or L ones kitch
  17. Kitch

    Shed a little LIGHT!

    Hi, since we have had the hour of darkness, you would think as a futuristic scientifically adept race, we would have found some way of dealing with it like, ooooh I dunno "Lights" maybe??? Some people want to have no night time period at all. Here are some suggestions to deal with this. Lights...
  18. Kitch

    Do people like ammo in loot?

    Just wondering if people prefer ammo or ped in loot again..
  19. Kitch

    Item bought on Auction, not appeared in inventory?

    Hi, a friend of mine in game bought a weapon last night, around 2100 MA time from AH, the money went out of the account, and she got the notification in the message centre, but the weapon has still not appeared even now... has anyone experienced this or know how long it might take to appear in...
  20. Kitch

    We need MF amps immediately

    that is all.
  21. Kitch

    Laconian Sword

    The gif or small 2d pic is of a different sword. Also, when you hold it, your holding it at the blade ant at a weird angle. Also I noticed that for spear and quad when you sit in seat your at some weird twisted, retarded angle :confused:
  22. Kitch

    Mob Evades or Missed shots?

    Everyone has noticed that mobs seem to be like Bruce Lee now at ducking and weaving shots.. I assumed it was to compensate for the lost decay from making missed shots not cost anything. I did not do any hunting tracking before that particular change so not sure what difference it has made...
  23. Kitch

    Would you still play for 95% Returns?

    So, lets say hypothetically if loot was constantly up to 95% for everyone, you could lose a bit from there by being uneco (though no one would) there would be no globals or hofs, just constant 95%, off every mob, click, drop etc.. lol I know its stupid. The variation (excitement) would come...
  24. Kitch

    Will EU be here in 2024?

    Will EU still be here in the 2020's..?
  25. Kitch

    Has select next target been disabled in PvP?

    thats it......................