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  1. Ianus

    Industry Potential arround Vehicles ( A few Quick thoughts )

    I agree with tp chip inplants there are no real use for vehicles How about if tp chips are removed? It's not like MA didn't do such moves before.
  2. Ianus

    Who is with me?

    Try proterons, sustained hunt of those buggers should kick u out from your own club
  3. Ianus

    12 bombs = 2 big niks global (no cnd and no amp -_-')

    gz, but are u sure that u havent maybe a little amp on it? i don't recall to hear about xv on ore wuthout amp
  4. Ianus

    New teaser for Rocktropia (closed beta)

    So, what changed? :D
  5. Ianus

    Market Manipulation

    Well aside from market manipulation these kind of rumours made prices explode years ago. Stop making assumptions if is not about u or anyone that can confirm these kind of statement
  6. Ianus

    Virtual Egg Sold for $69,696 USD -- "NEVERDIE" Avatar Sets Virtual World Record (Marketwire via Yahoo! Finance)

    How about this? Deathifier: Hey ND I want to buy a share from Next Island ND: Sure i sell u 10% for 70.000 k USD Deathifier: Hmm is a little too much, can u add something else? ND: Well i can add that stupid atrox egg and we'll make a big fuss in press too Deathifier: OKI DOKI The End
  7. Ianus

    HL11 cheaper then K400. Is this normal?!?!

    Interesting thing is that i started a thread almost a year ago (see the link) exactly on the same base. I didn't saw in it your support, however as many said before, back then you were proudly owner of a P5a(L). Interesting thing is BH still wanted XT @110% lol. Well not happened in a year...
  8. Ianus

    How many bombs to Rich(es)

    7950 bombs
  9. Ianus

    HL11 cheaper then K400. Is this normal?!?!

    Since the thread starter is not a native english speaker he didn't succeed to write exactly what he thought. Let me translate: Hmm WTF did i bought an unl wep since now the L one is now dirt cheap? Feel free to discuss :laugh:
  10. Ianus

    Help: How to blow a fortune...part II

    Man u don't need luck u need brains It's quite simple: Set a date, lets say a week from now at a specific hour; in the mean time advertise this on all sites u can posibly think of what u will do and how much u can win from that in this wonderfull game and send all the links at MA office I may be...
  11. Ianus

    Info: Mobs unlootable right now?

    maybe it is a new feature brought by this dynamic universe :eek:
  12. Ianus

    STOP HELPING ME! If you fap me again, I will file support for harassment!

    slightly off topic...i found it amusing that 3/4 of your posts have reference of dicks;
  13. Ianus

    STOP HELPING ME! If you fap me again, I will file support for harassment!

    Well this post is an excelent advertising for MA because someone reported actually interacts with people inside game. There is more then one avatar in game after we have proof :yay:
  14. Ianus

    The egg !!!

    ahhh....the inflation :)
  15. Ianus

    That's it, I'm leaving

    Well gz to be in the team i think. Can u share what mob dropped that junk?
  16. Ianus

    Vote now for biggest loot in hunting

    he he not really pi..ed off however in my humble opinion this kind of action happened a lot lately so i've made a pool just to see what the comunity thinks about that Take it as a joke if u like but with a little truth in it
  17. Ianus

    Vote now for biggest loot in hunting

    In light of new game "dynamic loot" aka make a selling out thread for an uber loot i would like to see a vote from the comunity about this PS: people from MA can not vote, i already know their opinion :)
  18. Ianus

    Good job once again MA ...... not!!!

    Im sorry but u are misinformed I know of dozens of cases only from television of hackers that were caught in Romania in cooperation with institution from other countries like FBI or Interpol, most were convicted in Romania and some were judged under the other countries legislation for their...
  19. Ianus

    Good job once again MA ...... not!!!

    Guys im not gonna comment romanian player reputation, maybe there are many scammers i don't know i dindn't encounter them. However the real problems are 2: 1. The game is not really top product to try to do anything to be in it, why keep raising fences for someone to enter? 2. My problem is...
  20. Ianus

    Good job once again MA ...... not!!!

    I dont know of any legal problem; i myself play both subscription mmo and poker on line that involves real money and never had any problem with that sort of things
  21. Ianus

    Good job once again MA ...... not!!!

    I talked to several of my friends to explain the game to them. 3 of them were interested in download and see what is all about. However none of them could make a valid account because there is an automatic validation and if not pass they ask from u an id card or some other form of identity...
  22. Ianus

    Romania Renegades

    Ma bucur ca postezi in engleza ca sa inteleaga toata lumea dar accepti numai romani ;)
  23. Ianus

    I can make you feel good

    And yet u manage to remain always opthimistic How do you do that :confused:
  24. Ianus

    Question: What would you hunt with HL12 UL?

    I would camp cersumons or young - provider allo/esto
  25. Ianus

    Achievement: Crystal Palace Space Station are a mad man :)