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  1. Zabler

    Selling: Cheap skills!

    Hi everyone, Im sellling my last skils, fast and cheap. Easiest way is if you provide the ESI, but i have sufficient funds to buy enough for all of my remaining skills if its needed. You'll catch a good price, if the deal is done fast. Otherwise the skills will just remain on my avatar...
  2. Zabler

    Selling: Rifleskills on implants

    Hello, Rifle Skill Implant (L) 13.01 PED CARRIED Rifle Skill Implant (L) 17.25 PED CARRIED Rifle Skill Implant (L) 12.68 PED CARRIED Rifle Skill Implant (L) 11.94 PED CARRIED Rifle Skill Implant (L) 12.93 PED CARRIED Rifle Skill Implant (L) 9.40 PED CARRIED Rifle Skill Implant (L)...
  3. Zabler

    Selling: UL HL8, Dante, Skills, Gremlin (M) and more..

    Heya, Got some stuff for sale. ** HERE COMES BORING PART ** I hold the right to stop the sale at any moment. I hold the right to not sell to you, should you be ugly or rude. I hold the right to do whatever the feck i want. ** END OF BORING PART ** For sale: Unlimited ISIS HL8 + A105 AMP - **...
  4. Zabler

    Selling: Unlimited - Genesis Nifelheim

    Hello, I dont know if this is legal regarding to the forum rules, but if someone wants to whine to a moderator, they can. Me and my socmate have tried to sell this sword twice. Both times we had a buyer who insured their interest in the sword. First time it went for TT+34k, buyer got 2 weeks...
  5. Zabler

    Selling: 120 ped ESI

    Selling one piece of 119.55 ped ESI @ 836% = 1000 ped... Will put it on AH after CE2 if i dont get it sold.. Standing in Twin ATM.. or pm.. here.. whatever comes first.. kkbyetnx
  6. Zabler

    (L) Mod. Fap or (L)Mod Merc?

    We allready have Eon, Shadow, Supremacy (L) armors. Even if they loot veeeery seldome, just as they should. I dont think anyone collected a full set of one of those 3 top armors (L) yet? What about dropping, again very very seldome, Mod. Fap(L) or Mod. Merc (L)? That would give ordinary...
  7. Zabler

    Where did my community go?

    Most of you probobly dont know me, but i've actually been here for some time now. This post became longer than i thought, so bare with me or stop reading now :P For the last years i have seen something that i want to discuss now. A trend of negativism, jealousness and trashtalking in the...
  8. Zabler

    Selling: Unlimited Genesis Niflheim

    Pricediscusion can be done here.. Updated with rules, now when we got the auction going: * Deadline thursday 16th at 21:25 if BO isnt reached. * Minimum increment is 500 ped. * If you want to stay anonymous state so CLEARLY in your PM, or i shall reveal your name. * Last hour bids will postpone...
  9. Zabler

    PC: Unlimited Genesis Niflheim

    My socmate got lucky yesterday camping his Estos.. Looted a Unlimited Genesis Niflheim. Entropedialink.. High damage LVL 58 req Auctionhistory says TT+36k. He is probobly gonna sell it, and we allready found some serious interest in it.. So ofcourse we need to evalute the correct...
  10. Zabler

    My redeemer lives - Team Hoyt *must see*

    This might be old, might be shared before.. Doesnt matter... Maybe im getting soft when im getting older, but this video made me cry.. I know the intro is kinda long and boring.. but ITS WORTH IT! This is love in its purest kind.. Have fun..
  11. Zabler

    Project: 100 X Argonaut

    100 x 23.000 ammo on Argonauts. South of Nymph. Gear: Gremlin + 5b EK-2600 & UR-125 UL HL8 + A105 TP-chip Goal: to actually not go mental doing 100 runs on the same mob. EFD-Rewards: 500 EFD to the one who guesses my highest single loot during the project. 500 EFD to the one who gets closest...
  12. Zabler

    Selling: Unlimited Isis HL8

    Start tt+25k BO tt+30k Ends 48h after start. Items are of interest if they are: 1. ML-35 2. Bear (M) armor Otherwise, nopes.
  13. Zabler

    Question: Your favourite 3 things in a game.. thats not Entropia :P

    Hi, I've been a serious gamer for many years now.. It all started out with the good old CreatiVision, then a Intellivision, then a C64, a Nintendo 8 bit, an Amiga600, an Amiga1200, Sega8 bit, first pc, xboxes, playstations and so on and so on. Entropia is my favourite game, all time... but it...
  14. Zabler

    Selling: Unlimited Isis HL8

    Hello, Im selling a unlimited Isis HL8. I've only owned it for a couple of weeks, bought it from Waheed. Reason i sell it is simple, doesnt really fit my gamestyle. I do miss my ratatatata rifles. The gun has been tested and approved for mobs such spaceliens on Crystal Palace, allthough you...
  15. Zabler

    '-..-' Bonnkanin Inc. '-..-'

    About time made an presentation about ourselfs. '-..-' The sociey been around since august 2007, but most of the players have been here for a much longer time. All swedes, almost all from Borås in sweden.. Its only Jam who still lives somewhere in the vildmark. Friendly bunch of people who...
  16. Zabler

    PC: Bicak Kek (UL)

    Hello, I was wondering what an accurate marketprice of Bicak Kek would be. This year five of them has been sold via auction. All of them with a MU between tt+4k-6k. The latest at tt+4k I think and with an avarage of TT+5k. So, anyone got a good idea of what the price is today? //Zab
  17. Zabler

    Uber: 27k Aurli, 600 ped from ATH :P

    My socmate holds place 100 on the ATH list, i missed him with 600 peds ;) Loads and loads of muscleoils and a ISIS HL6 (L) in the loot. Edit: Notice how educated i am.. My first word is.. F***.... :P
  18. Zabler

    Selling: Storage Cleanout, Bear Armor, weapons, Electronics, Paints

    Hello.. I need to raise 10k ped, so i'll have to get rid of some toys to invest in new toy.. Selling my armor as a set ONLY: Bear Armguards Boar Footguards Bear Gloves Bear Harness Bear Helmet Ghost Shinguards Bear Thighguards SB and BO: 5600 PED Including TT (armor is at full tt)...
  19. Zabler

    Final achivement, I unlocked DAD.

    081004 at 05:57 my son Leo was born. Greatest achivement of my life, no ATH can match this ever.
  20. Zabler

    Upgrade auction!!

    Yes, i know this has been written before. Yes, i know how to use the search button.. Sorry, but im having a mental breakdown! GAAH! I mean, what the feck.. We are playing the worlds leading RCE-universe. And the freaking auction house in WoW (yes i named it) is working better than the one...
  21. Zabler

    Selling: Trading ML-35 - UL HL6...

    Loads of things happend in life. I love my ML-35, but at the moment i need to play "small". Baby coming, renovating the house and so on. I *might* be interested in changing my ML-35(+dante+jzar+2xgargul) vs a UL HL6. So, if you are the owner of a that gun (or any other similar UL SIB gun)...
  22. Zabler

    Bear armor (M)

    What price would a full Bear armor fetch today? Also... What price would it be minus the shins? Cheers.
  23. Zabler

    GAME OVER! (Do you want to continue?)

    Im so fed up with all the "I lost this and that much in two days playing entropia" or "Wawawa i allways lose my cash". After reading this excellent post by Nutter and at the same time finding out renovating the house is freaking expensive and my first baby coming in about 1.5 months time, i...
  24. Zabler

    Buying: Bear ThighGuards (Male)

    So, i got the hands on my Helmt now.. Only 1 part left to complete the set.. (No, im NOT going to buy the ultra expensive shinguards.) Paying around tt+1000.. I need it yesterday, so dont hesitate to contact me.
  25. Zabler

    Question: Why no UL (L) armors?

    We have seen a lot of drops of UL Assassin, X5, Korss, ISIS and so on and so on.. But have there ever been a UL version of the (L) Armors? What price would for example a UL version of Hermes have? Do you think we'll so those drops?