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  1. Hasie

    Longtooths at Port Atlantis

    Thanks alot ;)
  2. Hasie

    Longtooths at Port Atlantis

    Were is/was the non shared loot spawn? I went to the coords posted here about 3 times yesterday and only found a bunch of Young Snables?
  3. Hasie

    Calling All South Africans

    Ha ha ha, will have a look mate, dont know how to capture the transcripts. But here is our site if that will help :P Die Kommando • Index page Hasie
  4. Hasie

    Calling All South Africans

    Its been almost a Year now that the society is running and I must say it has grown alot. 52 Members :ahh: Hasie
  5. Hasie

    Vumpoor Obliterator (L)

    Ohhh Nice Damage on that one! Gratz :wtg: Hasie
  6. Hasie

    I have been lucky :D

    Thanks for the replies... No its over a period of a week. I use 102 ore amps. Haise
  7. Hasie

    I have been lucky :D

    Hi All These past two weeks was lucky for me, since my return from my break things have been going good. The R@bbit is back ;)
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