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  1. Qyan

    freezed beacon mission support case

    Here the support case i submitted and the answer. 03 Dec 2007 You wrote: Hi, Last saturday evening me and some soc member were on a 23 pedder beacon mission. At the start the spaceship got invisable so we were standing in midair. After a while all returned to normal so we went up and all went...
  2. Qyan

    uber but yet not tower

    Here is my participation at this forum :D Click to enlarge One more step to the TOWA !!!! :woot:
  3. Qyan

    my day today :)

    :wtg: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME :wtg:
  4. Qyan

    Selling All This !

    I'm on my way back to earth so i won't need all the following items. taking only serious offers by "PM" thx :) My full ingame name is yanlin qyan quan ;) **********Auction will end next friday 26/05********* 1 A-3 Justifier Mk.III 1 58.93 PED___actual bid = TT+610___Sarah Shiva 2...
  5. Qyan

    Lightyear chat !

    This morning i've connected myself just to hunt few Longus. After 5 minutes the chat all window has been overloaded by Buzz Erik Lightyear.... :D HE hoffed around 50 times on a row :eek: Do you think MA should put a "hof in a row " category ? Should they put another chat window just for...