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  1. Purplebong

    Selling: WTS - Ziplex P30 (L) - Legendary item from Mining Strongbox

    [Globals]: Xx Purplebong xX has found a rare item (Ziplex P30 (L)) with a value of 10 PED! A record has been added to the Hall of Fame! I think I'd like to sell this instead of keeping it. 750 ped or trade for 10 AUDs. PM me here or ingame.
  2. Purplebong

    Able to spot fruit and rocks on the ground while running?

    Has anyone else noticed that since the new update you are now able to see fruit and rocks (and I 'm assuming dung) while running? It used to be that you could only spot these things while walking. Bug? Feature? I've acquired quite a bit in the last week. I wonder if it will affect the market?
  3. Purplebong

    I'm Baaaaaack...

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  4. Purplebong

    I'm Baaaaaaack :)

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  5. Purplebong

    62 Allo G-Man

    so there i was...NE of reis defence...listening to Regulators by Warren G and this happened... Click to enlarge walk through your fear and tap that GRATZ button.
  6. Purplebong

    86ped Allo :)

    was havin pretty sh*tty loot all night until this one NE of Reis Defense... Click to enlarge don't be scared to tap that GRATZ button...
  7. Purplebong

    Nice lil' Argo global :)

    just got this one North of Twin Peaks... Click to enlarge cash 26.31 EWE EP21 34.28 FreanD Alpha BLP 15.49 Knight thigh-guards (F) 16.12 Paladin face (F) 5.95 Paladin face (M) 14.26 6 cans Umber Paint 0.78 Hydrolic Manifold 15.00 and BTW...i was wearing pants for this one ;)
  8. Purplebong

    179 Allo Alpha

    bagged this glob with my soc m8, Solo. NE of Rei's Defense. don't be scared to tap that GRATZ button :) Click to enlarge 89.60 PED each :)
  9. Purplebong

    93ped Argo Glob

    just got this up north of twin peaks... Click to enlarge cash...21.40 ped FreanD Alpha BLP Pistol...2.04 ped EWE EP-21 Defender...33.30 ped Paladin face-guard (M)...6.71 ped Knight thigh-guards (F)...20.12 ped Kango mask...9.98 ped
  10. Purplebong

    Atrox drops 50ped + a little sumpin-sumpin

    figured i buy some ammo for "the big gun" and air it out a bit around nate's valley. got this minimum qualifying global + a little extra :) Click to enlarge don't be scared to tap that "Gratz" button :silly2:
  11. Purplebong

    87ped Argo :)

    just got this North of Twin Peaks... Click to enlarge 22ped + the gun is a FreanD Beta BLP worth 65ped tt
  12. Purplebong

    56ped glob & what's this item?

    just got this small glob tonight off an itumatrox... Click to enlarge anyone know anything about the 'Basic Propulsion System' what is it? what's it worth? tt food or hang on to it?
  13. Purplebong

    Crystal Palace Global

    me and my soc m8s just got this up here on CP. Click to enlarge *btw-i'm using that ep41 i looted from my allo HOF last nite :)
  14. Purplebong

    2302 Allophyl Provider

    so i've been hunting allos for the last 4 days cuz (top secret reason)... and this just happened! Click to enlarge *the gun is an EWE41 :) *there's another 1k of gold behind the wool :)
  15. Purplebong

    2 Things I Didn't Know..

    Have been playing since Nov. 05 and just learned 2 new things last night... #1) You can use ANY machine to craft ANYTHING. I always thought that to tailor clothes, you needed a tailoring machine and to craft weapons, you needed a weapons crafting machine...etc. Turns can...