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    FYI: Sky not falling everything fine as always

    Ped W/D registered on May 27 - W/D Committed Aug 20th. For those who remember correctly MA used to take the month of Aug off completely at PE so things have improved since the old days. Been here around ten years never a single problem with ped FYI. With love, Semdog
  3. Semdog

    camera zoom/trackball

    for whatever reason in this vu it seems like my slider thing on my mouse which i use to zoom in and out is overly sensitive to the point that i cant use scopes on my weapons or it gets annoying..does anyone have this issue or what option am i getting wrong?
  4. Semdog

    Landgrab 09 vs. Say 2006?

    :guide:Lets roll back the clock to say 2006 VU 8.x OMG remember how screwed up that was? People where ready to go firebomb MA because of bugs etc etc... We had the russians who would come in and took...
  5. Semdog

    Buying: Shadow Foot (M)

    Anyone got a pair my toes are getting cold. Please let me know thx sem
  6. Semdog

    Selling: Marber Tango-Type Plasma Annihilator

    Taking bids, peds only, will close out with a BO offer. Auction ends Oct 2nd 11:59pm Pacific Time GMT-8. SB:30k-SOLD 39k Voland BO:65k **PLEASE MAKE YOUR BIDS IN THIS SALES THREAD AND NOT VIA PM AS I WILL BE AWAY FROM COMP TONIGHT FOR SEVERAL HOURS*** Good luck, Sem
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    PC: Marber Tango

    anyone have thoughts? thanks, sem
  8. Semdog

    New Crysis / Crytek game Crysis Warhead

    For those in the USA with DirectTV VoD (your box connected to the Internet), you can goto channel 1354 which is G4's VoD selection to download a preview from the E3 convention of their new game using the Crytek engine that all of us will be seeing here in EU soon. Enjoy, Semdog ;)
  9. Semdog

    Semdog @ '08 World Series of Poker

    Hi all, Just back from playing in the final $10,000 buy-in final event, and day 2 I spent on the featured ESPN TV table with Phil "The Unibomber" Lackk. Got my ass cracked by phil- you can prob see it on espn when they start airing the events on TV. Semdog on a break Click to enlarge Phil...
  10. Semdog

    Semdog to CES MA booth report

    Thanks to all those players I met today at the EU booth at CES. It's really nice to actually meet IRL some of the people (inlcuding one of my soc mates) who after years of being ingame with never really knew. The booth was a 360 degree design with monitors and play-stations for people to play...
  11. Semdog

    Ubah Abrer w/MA-104 amp(L) bp 22atmpts

  12. Semdog

    All Queen's NOT created equally

    So I got my panties all in a knot bumping into an Aurli Queen today.. It ripped my shadow harness right off and it went flying high into the rafters of dome 4. After reviving after a massive crit hit, and going thru a ton of ammo, I looted a nice 6 ped :rolleyes: hmmm.
  13. Semdog

    Real world items in Loot

    So everyone remembers when that real world gift box droped a poster or whatever which was the first time that happened. Question is I would of expected further stuff to drop, has anyone looted a realworld item in the last few vu's ??
  14. Semdog

    Buy full male eons

    :) ready to sell befor the summer? lemme know
  15. Semdog

    ATH 51k Aurli

    Woot :) Click to enlarge
  16. Semdog

    ukash system :)

    Being in the UK, there are Paypoint locations on like every fooking corner (including the building in which I work), so I tried this new depo method and just wanted to report back that its about the easiest and quickest one on here now. Hand some cash to the bloke at any newsagents or gas...
  17. Semdog

    PE 2005 Year end review

    This is my own personal view of this year in PE and my experiences both good and bad: I spent the last part of last year and the first part of this year hunting and mining a lot. By a lot im talking about in exess of 6 hours a day (well when you have an irl situation where ur stuck to a...
  18. Semdog

    Silent Ubah- Shadow Harness

    Click to enlarge
  19. Semdog

    Buying Full Shadow Male

    Hook me up :)