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    Recommended levels for finders

    I've never been clear on what recommended levels on finders actually mean in practice. So I'm looking for your explanations. My results haven't been too good recently, so I thought I would experiment by purchasing a finder above my recommended level. Obviously I am mining at a lower depth than...
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    Exclamations: obscene and otherwise

    I've just wasted five minutes of my life using Google Custom Search to see how many times, and how, users of the Planet Calypso Forums express surprise, shock, indignation, laughter and amazement without emoticons. So, from my sample of obvious words (not including self-censored words): 1...
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    Synthetic Biology

    I'm a little behind on what they're doing with DNA nowadays, so found this article interesting: Elsewhere I read they are doing something similar with silkworms (ie enabling their systems to produce spider...
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    They haven't found Calypso yet!
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    VU 12.4 vs VU 14.4

    I misread the thread title at: forgetting that we had already moved on to 12.4. I thought we were looking at the future rather than the past, and got a little bit excited. So here's the alternate thread...
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    Pallas' newest mining log

    My last log ended rather suddenly, as I found myself in a rented apartment with an inadequate internet connection, no desk, no space to record notes, with my laptop balanced precariously on a pile of boxes! I'm home now ..... and have decided to compare results from (1) a TK320, unamped, but...
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    Xmas Bugs?

    Got stuck at Nea's Place last night. Very heavy lag. Hardly move. Couldn't use the TP. Went elsewhere this morning. Killed twice - both times revived in the same place, mob ignores me until I move.
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    Raspberry Pi

    Looks like an interesting initiative: Hope they don't get custard on their faces.
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    Electronic Arts seeks online gaming share

    For those of you who are FT subscribers, there is an article about EA's release of Star Wars: The Old Republic. A quick summary: The article comments on how EA's gaming dominance was destroyed by WoW, but that the old...
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    Restore the ralationship between mus and depth in mining

    My impression is that (once upon a time) as a miner became more skilled and able to reach greater depths, so the rarity and mu of finds improved. My impression now is that it doesn't make much difference what depth you mine at. Shouldn't this relationship be restored? It would encourage people...
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    Codebreakers wanted at GCHQ

    UK intelligence is looking for people who can break codes. Have a go! But don't post any successful solution - would spoil the fun for others.
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    What anniversaries do you have coming?

    I have two anniversaries in early December. I will be five years old. :dance: I will have managed a whole year without depositing [some months playing, some months not]. In that time, I've had 88 globals, of which 21 were hofs and three uber. [But as soon as I've reached the anni I'll...
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    Do yuo have an enlarged ventral striatum?

    The BBC reports that recent research shows that regular gamers have a larger ventral striatum "the hub of the brain's reward system'. I wonder what happens to your ventral striatum after a long session on Calypso! :D
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    Voting rights restricted to the propertied?

    Should political rights be defined by financial ownership? Discuss. [The latest question in the University of Calypso's prelim exams for noobie undergraduates] Does ownership of more than one Land Lot deed provide multiple citizenship (a rotten borough), multiple voting rights (a rotten...
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    Online Anonymity

    This seems quite an interesting discussion of current developments: I hadn't been aware of BlueCava fingerprinting.
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    Never reveal your home address

    Take care!
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    Virtual monkeys messing about

    These monkeys are able to write the whole of the works of the Bard, but not necessarily in the right order! Classic sketch by Morecombe & Wise with Andre Previn:
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    Your rights after a security breach

    According to the BBC, Sony have changed their terms & conditions in an attempt to prevent users whose details have been hacked from taking collective action against the company in court. I haven't looked to see what MA's policy is on this, but...
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    Real city images in video games
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    Not the way to get blasted

    Bet the insurance company doesn't pay up!
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    What's the weather report for Calypso this winter?
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    Chris Foss: The Joy of Starships

    An article in the New Scientist for those interested in SF art.
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    N. Korea scamming online games

    There is an interesting article in the Financial Times claiming that N. Korea is selling bot programs for games like Lineage and Dungeon Fighter, with the proceeds going to Bureau 39. [this link may not work...
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    Scientists - don't you just love 'em :lolup: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :lolup: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
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    Armour, Energy and Noise

    Possibly this should be in the Off-Topic section. If so, my apologies and moderators please move (it, not yourselves). Scientists have just done a little research into the energy costs of wearing medieval armour. Not exactly unexpected results, but interesting nonetheless. I was struck by the...