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    Returning player looking for a mentor!

    Hey everyone, Old returning player looking for some guidance as game changed so much! I am Dickie, 30 year old from the UK. Looking for a helpful mentor in hunting and mining, Not fussed on crafting. Prefer someone close to my timezone or active when I am on. Drop a message or leave a PM. PS...
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    Help: Looking to fix my steroid body

    My avatars body is so big yet my legs are so small. Is it possible to get a full body make over?:confused:
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    Healing!? Mindforce or Fap

    Just after some opinions between the two i dont know which route to take. I would like to start healing people when they hunt at some point if that comes into play between the two. Thank you Dickie
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    Pilot to Arkadia

    Anyone recommend a good taxi? Looking to leave like now lol cheeRS Dickie
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    Implant Shop?

    Is there a shop that deals in implants only? if so could anyone direct me to one please.
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    Buying: 4 ped tt rifle implant

    Need to balance my skills a bit anyone selling at a reasonable MU?
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    Buying: 2 ped rifle and 2.5-3 ped handgun implant

    anyone selling? if so could you please post the MU your looking for?
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    stuck in a outpost

    i died and got revived at livas but the door is too small to get out lol!
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    Info: Estate Types

    Been looking around for a estate and iv found a few nice condo's in the massive buildings, but is there any stand alone buildings around anywhere like maybe a small house or like a building with one room? Basically just so i can fill it with my loot lol!
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    Help: Starting over?

    I first started this game Years ago, i got caught in the hype from papers and news of making money from a game, after sharply losing alot of ped i quit. I returned a few years later and decided to chip in(very badly may i add) mess it up and quit again lol. Recently returning about a week ago...
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    Help: Armor Help!

    I'v been part of this game for a few years on and off now, and to be honest all iv did is deposit then crazy hunt, lose all my ped then quit and come back again! Deciding to get into the game a bit more, iv been reading Jimmy Bs thread on armor decay, I understand how it works now and how to...
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    Buying: Isis lr63 - Need ASAP

    Anyone selling one?
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    thinking of emigrating!

    looking to leave calypso for a few weeks, im mainly a hunter with the p4a and noob miner! suggestings anyone
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    Buying: Low TT P4a

    looking for a lower tt p4a ah are all full tt which i cant afford :(
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    Opalo hunt tonight 9pm

    Anyone fancy getting together to do a opalo hunt. Can be any mob I just fancy getting a little team together for a little laff!
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    Best place for Shinikba young?

    been running round twin peaks but find 1 or 2 in a herd of exso's! Any help appriated CheeRS
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    Help: Chipping out

    i as thinking of chipping out as iv got the wrong account info set, but iv been looking cheapest esi are like 70 ped and you can buy skills cheaper than that? how does this work?
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    Looking for eco set up for Argo's

    hey, been looking for a set up as title explains can anyone post me some decent set ups sick of wasting ped lol. stats - thank you
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    Selling: Welding Wire bp (l) x 14

    leave a message here ill get back to you when i get out the bath :D lol tyy
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    What weapon next?

    im lvl 19 in laser sniper hit and lvl 13 in laser range dmg. been useing the opolo hunting argos in goblin armor? can anyone advise me of a better set up?
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    land owners

    is there a part of forum that has what land is for sale or what land is sellable form a owner? if so very much appriated thanx Dickie
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    Land for sale??

    you see people buying like TI but is they a place u can buy small amounts of land? not fucking huge ones? coz at auction its only ever house's where can u buy smaller plots of land?