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  1. Qyan

    Ahhh... The Egg!

  2. Qyan

    RARE Achievment - New Name, Same Guy

    YES i have to agree with that :wtg:
  3. Qyan

    Killing Foul Guardian with an un-limited CB5

    nice one :D
  4. Qyan

    Are you still in the event and within the time;)

    AHAHAHAH ! You wil never find routine with a child lol Welcome to your son ! And to not be off topic I'm not doing this event since I can't find a routine for 15 months now :rolleyes:
  5. Qyan

    2007 Annual JSA Xmas Giveaway - (VIDEO)

    nice for new people to meet your happy faces :yay: +rep
  6. Qyan

    freezed beacon mission support case

    yep exactly the same AG :(
  7. Qyan

    freezed beacon mission support case

    Here the support case i submitted and the answer. 03 Dec 2007 You wrote: Hi, Last saturday evening me and some soc member were on a 23 pedder beacon mission. At the start the spaceship got invisable so we were standing in midair. After a while all returned to normal so we went up and all went...
  8. Qyan

    What Floats your Musical Boat, At this Very Second :)

    RADIOHEAD In rainbows :yay: Just receive the box this morning :yay:
  9. Qyan

    Bot Caught in the Act!

    I have 2 questions for u Star 1 - what is the feeling of talking alone? :scratch2: 2 - What kind of helmet do you wear on first pictures? :silly2: Anyway thx to post this
  10. Qyan

    Advanced Piloting - Billy's Space Train

    + rep nice idea
  11. Qyan

    Team AWESOME - accepting only awesome people.

    I think my dying was awesome, wasn't it? :silly: Where am I on the awesome meter? :wtg:
  12. Qyan

    Selling Coords to merous Tower

    That was awsome wasn't it ;) Here the story from my view : I was trying to reach "the" place of the moment to be able to say some historic things :cool: When i saw green dots running at me i totaly forgot what i wanted to say:scratch2: The last thing I remember before dying (I mean when dying...
  13. Qyan

    Selling Coords to merous Tower

    I have to go mine there, seems to be nice claims What the coordonates :scratch2: dont remember :scratch2: :D By the way, I have to say my point of view, (i cant help it) This is PVP4 rules and I think Merou is ok with that. That s the most exciting thing that happen in entropia since PVP4...
  14. Qyan

    Win A Pair Artrox/Hoggolo Figurines(IRL) Right here on EF

    I would say 1971 :yay:
  15. Qyan

    To Nicole

    Nicole you still have this very dangerous breast and it still exciting :laugh:
  16. Qyan

    Avatar Before and After Pictures

  17. Qyan

    MindArk's VU 9.0 - Star's Eyes

    Star I agree and I think you're wise
  18. Qyan

    Known Issues 9.0

    It does when you hit close. In fact the only noise of marber is the impact now ;) don't know if it wil stay like this or if it's a bug
  19. Qyan

    guess the date of the vu9 and win 1000 EFD!

    4 of december 2007 :D
  20. Qyan

    EU will execution

    + REP and BUMPYDump!!!
  21. Qyan

    Win a Lykke Wooden Chest right here in EF

    3 has always been the winner sorry guys :cool:
  22. Qyan

    Hangar(s) for sale

    900k :eek: nice :rolleyes: almost the price of the asteroid of Club neverdie... BUMPY !!!!
  23. Qyan

    Hangar(s) for sale

    I'm out :D
  24. Qyan

    EU top 100

    Dreicc Greenwood Etopia
  25. Qyan

    Earliest EU Player

    April 03, only 4 years but i stop playing for around 1 year to become unaddicted :rolleyes: