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  1. SirFluidHat

    Selling: Black Pygmy Hogglo for Sale

    Gonna move this Post, because i couldn't change the Title to an Auction!
  2. SirFluidHat

    Buying: Castorian Xeno-Dagger Scratcher or similar Shortblade

    As title say, i am looking for a Xeno-Dagger scratcher or similar any Tier. I am currently using Songra Corrosive dagger T6, so i am looking for an uppgrade to what i have. I am not interested in the Genesis ArcSpark Dagger! so dont bother PM me with offer:wise: So if you have a Dagger in your...
  3. SirFluidHat

    Wich mob does drop Piron PBR-47 (L)

    Hi. Trying to figure out what mob drops Piron PBR-47 (L), but couldnt find any info while searching some forums. So if anyone know, pls tell me :yay: Regards /FluidHat
  4. SirFluidHat

    Selling: Selling Ancient Daikiba Strong

    Hi, as the title say, i am selling my Ancient daikiba Strong, its level 7 & got 8945 XP. Prize: Offer me :) PM your offer. Regards /FluidHat
  5. SirFluidHat

    Earn 100 Ped Help me/us get online

    Hi all! Since it seems there is a few here that cant download from Mindarks server right now, me included. I am wondering if there is anyone that could make a torrent file with hole EU istallation, latest version for Win 64 bit? I hope that there is some nice person that could help us out since...
  6. SirFluidHat

    Wanted! A copy of Calypso gateway for Win 64

    Hi. The reason, i cant download the files from MA server, the download gets stuck. I been trying to solve this issue for the past 4 days now, tryed i think all option i could find on the different forums here, i also sent 5 supportcases with uppdates on what i been testing, but no replies yet...
  7. SirFluidHat

    Selling: Angel Harness Male

    yo Selling a Angel Harness Male. BO 11700 Ped. //FluidHat
  8. SirFluidHat

    Selling: Tiger Thighs Male

    Selling Tiger Thighs Male: Only BO 6100 ped //FluidHat
  9. SirFluidHat

    "PriceCheck Strikehammer"

    yo I am curious about how much a Strikehammer is worth. Hope someone can share any info on this :) //FluidHat
  10. SirFluidHat

    Looking For Jaguar Arms/Helm Male

    yo I am Looking for Jaguar Arms and Helmet for a reasonable prize. (Male) PM or post for bid. Kind Regards/FluidHat:rolleyes:
  11. SirFluidHat

    (L) Items are to Limited

    yo Reason i wanted a poll, is that i think there is to few Weapons out in the game thougher then Korss 400.. If ,for example you are a Blp Pistoleer like me, and wants a T10 or T15 Blp pistol, and decides to have a look at the Auction and the Malls, there is a small chance you will find any of...
  12. SirFluidHat

    1 Week in the new skillsystem

    yo This thread was presented in Entropia-Pioneers , and i though might as well present it here as well :) i just want to share some statistic regarding huntingskills after 1 week of 8 hours a day huntingtripps i used Mk5 and a Shortblade lvl 10 and a 2600 Fap, location Limidan . Hunting...