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  1. AND1

    At last my dream came to reality

    Hi, Dont know how to attach any photo from phone but like title says, one of my childhood dream came to reality:wtg: Today I visited Mindark head office in Gotenburg and had really good time there. Met only few guys of their team cause of summer and vocation time but still interesting. I came...
  2. AND1

    Selling: Selling skills

    Hello! As the title says I am selling skills. I have hg 7.2k for sale. Then Marksmanship 6050... Then LTW&BLP both are more than 6.3k, Anatomy 6.4k RDA 5.5k Mining 4.6k If you are interested, buy ESI and contact me.. About price we can talk.
  3. AND1

    Selling: Selling Tiger/Angel F

    Hi ppl! I'm selling: Angel arm guards F: SB +8k, BO +10k Current bid +8k Angel foot guards F: SB +8k, BO +10k Current bid +8k Angel shin guards F: SB +5k, BO +10k Current bid +5k Tiger harness F: SB +4k, BO +7k Tiger thig guards F: SB +4k, BO +7k Tiger helmet F: SB +4k, BO +7k Current bid...
  4. AND1

    Buying Angel F gloves!

    Buying Angel F gloves and Fread Delta Epsilon pistol! As the title says I would like to buy Angel F gloves and Freand Delta Epsilon pistol! If someone are selling please send me pm with price! Regard, AND1
  5. AND1

    Selling ISIS ul hl8

    Selling ISIS unlimited HL8. SB: +38000 PED BO: +60000 PED If you are interested send me pm here or post reply.
  6. AND1

    BUYING: GeoTrek and Isis pistols

    Hello, everybody! As it is said already in thread's title, I am looking for some pistols. In the concrete I would like to buy GeoTrek H26 Elima (L), GeoTrek H27 Vilitus (L), Isis HL11 (L), Isis HL12 (L), Isis HL14 (L) pistols. Also it would be nice to find some crafters who are crafting...
  7. AND1

    Selling big amount of Cobalt

    Selling big amount of Cobalt
  8. AND1

    Buying Boar F Helmet!

    Buying Boar F Helmet, please send pm with price, ty.
  9. AND1

    Selling EMT kit Ek 2350

    Selling EMT kit Ek 2350 start biding + 120. waiting for pm. Buyout +150
  10. AND1

    Buying Starkhov AS - 147

    Buying Starkhov AS - 147.
  11. AND1

    Buying adj Starkov 97

    Hello, i am buying adj starkhov AS - 97. if you sell, please offer.
  12. AND1

    Help please

    Hi is there anyone who know what price is for electro matrix? Tnx.