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  2. Semdog

    FYI: Sky not falling everything fine as always

    Ped W/D registered on May 27 - W/D Committed Aug 20th. For those who remember correctly MA used to take the month of Aug off completely at PE so things have improved since the old days. Been here around ten years never a single problem with ped FYI. With love, Semdog
  3. Semdog

    No Withdrawal ... no money?

    my wd WD reg on Sep 4th - committed Nov 18. I will say that I did send a support case this week and it was responded to in one day and wire sent so perhaps I should of sent one in sooner but I waited around 50 something days. Cheers Semdog
  4. Semdog

    Question: Are you with me, or against me?

    two words dome 4 :p
  5. Semdog

    Info: Mod & Imp fap list V2.0

    Tier's How do tier's work again? :tongue2:
  6. Semdog

    What do you miss from old Project Entropia?

    shadow I miss :)
  7. Semdog

    Not so lengthy withdrawal

    My Wd 38 Days for my WD to be wired. I think among other reasons with a few weeks hold time is to reduce the amount of fraud and chargebacks and a few extra weeks helps in this regard and that is also good for the community. Sem
  8. Semdog

    New Community Manager

    :) Gratz Skam and good luck in your new position :) Semdog Click to enlarge
  9. Semdog

    Share your old memories from Entropia! (Screenies)

    i like coins better than oils lol Click to enlarge
  10. Semdog

    Selling: EON Foot Guards SGA (M)

    21k:wtg: sem
  11. Semdog

    Selling: EON Foot Guards SGA (M)

    17.5k :wtg: sem
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  13. Semdog

    Selling: Shadow M set,ModMerc,ModFap blablabla....

    hi mate, how things? did you have any interest in swapping impfap for the mod plus $$$ or just looking for a buyout? take care, sem
  14. Semdog

    camera zoom/trackball

    for whatever reason in this vu it seems like my slider thing on my mouse which i use to zoom in and out is overly sensitive to the point that i cant use scopes on my weapons or it gets annoying..does anyone have this issue or what option am i getting wrong?
  15. Semdog

    My Statement on Land Grab

    Leadership! How about how all the soc members with 100's of people followed their orders as given by their leaders during this LG?? You know there had to be many people in all the socs that at one point or another where like f-ck this lets start killing everyone or fck the agreement lets go the...
  16. Semdog

    Landgrab 09 vs. Say 2006?

    Well the chance of a non top 50 soc claiming any land was always nil! That didnt prevent them from joining in on the fun or in assisting another soc.
  17. Semdog

    Landgrab 09 vs. Say 2006?

    :guide:Lets roll back the clock to say 2006 VU 8.x OMG remember how screwed up that was? People where ready to go firebomb MA because of bugs etc etc... We had the russians who would come in and took...
  18. Semdog

    LAnd Grab as expected

    What people prob dont know is that some socs unlike perhaps others have been planning for weeks... Ive been in every LG too and from years of 4-5 people defending for 6 hours + to fighting and getting creamed, to every other variation - its as we say dynamic....MA chose to release all these...
  19. Semdog

    Buying: Shadow Foot (M)

    bump daily bumpppppppppppppppppppppppp
  20. Semdog

    Buying: Shadow Foot (M)

    Anyone got a pair my toes are getting cold. Please let me know thx sem
  21. Semdog

    Selling: Marber Tango-Type Plasma Annihilator

    sold to Voland for 39k. please close thread
  22. Semdog

    Selling: Marber Tango-Type Plasma Annihilator

    6 hours left on this auction, thank you. Please post any further bids in this sales thread. sem
  23. Semdog

    Selling: Marber Tango-Type Plasma Annihilator

    Bid receieved from Voland updated- Please post all bids in this sales thread and NOT via PM as I might not be able to check my pms for several hours and your bids will be honored if made on this sales thread. Thanks
  24. Semdog

    Selling: Marber Tango-Type Plasma Annihilator

    bid by mathias by pm 38.5k posted.
  25. Semdog

    Selling: Marber Tango-Type Plasma Annihilator

    offer updated 24hrs left in this auction. sem