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    Buying: Adjusted Restoration Chip

    Buying an adj resto chip, please PM me offers! Here or in game.
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    Buying: EK-2600 Imp or mod

    Buying an ek-2600 imp or mod, pm me offers!
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    Longtooth Stalker/Prowler current location?

    I flew all around the current dom-old alpha spawn and further out following the spawn path and couldn't find the current stalker/prowler location of longtooth anywhere. Does anyone know where they went, or did they stop spawning? There hasn't been a global from them in awhile either...
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    4k Optimization

    I recently built a new PC, and bought new 4k monitors to go with it. Entropia is beautiful in 4k, and I can change the size of the chat/text/radar which is helpful, however there are a few more things that need to be optimized. -There is no way to resize the status bar with your avatar...
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    Buying: Fi/Ra/Co Dante

    WTB Fi/Ra/co Dante. PM your offers. Thanks!
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    Selling: Small Skill Chips

    I am selling the following skill chips, more to come. Mineral Sense: 6.85tt Prospecting: 15.55tt Pyrokinesis: 3.05tt Engineering: 4.65tt Computer: 1.87tt Ground Ass: 1.91tt Surveying: 4.29tt Manufacture MechEq...
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    Buying: Fi/Ra/Co Evil

    I want to buy a Fi/Ra/Co Evil, paying in ped. I will consider adj evil too, if the price is right. Please PM me offers, thanks.
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    Avatar name change, merge EL?

    I recently changed my avatar name, is there any way to merge the old EL account with the new name? Or should I just make a new EL account? I have written a support case but there seems to be no one home....
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    Selling: Gremlin (M) Tier 1+ TT+250

    Selling full set of Gremlin (M) Tier 1+ for TT+250 No offers or bids less than TT+250 accepted. PM me to meet.
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    Auction Lag after recent VU

    Please fix the auction lag problem that started after the latest VU. The auction does not work at least 50% of the time. Nothing lags but the auction which makes me think it has something to do with the new mobile support. EU is pretty much unplayable without the auction.
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    Crafting Bug, does not switch to 2nd residue automatically

    So I was crafting some d-class amps today. Normally I use both metal and energy residues simultaneously... and before, when one residue type ran out the second type picked up where the first left off keeping my items at full TT. That does not happen with the new system. I have one partial amp...
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    Buying: Warp Flights

    Well, the motherships aren't active enough for me. I need more active ships that can warp on call, privateers... unupgraded MS's... whatever... I pay 25ped per warp and need warps often... sometimes multiple times per day... sometimes once a week, depends on wtf i'm doing IRL. Add me to FL if...
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    Disciple Scammers/Farmers - Solution Suggestion

    It seems to me that disciples taking advantage of the mentor system is becoming pretty common. I have spent quite a bit of time personally helping "newbies" after they add me as a mentor, only to have them delete me shortly after I deny them freebies and handouts. I am pretty sure it is not...
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    Buying: Omegaton Sunstorm (L)

    Does anyone craft these? If you do... let me know and I'll buy one every now and then. Or hell if there is an UL one floating around with relatively low MU let me know that as well.
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    Buying: Vixen Android Gears

    Buying vixen android gears, PM me with the amount you have and asking price. Small amounts are fine, bulk is better. I don't resell them, or even sell the D-class amps i make with them... i use them personally. Must deliver to calypso. I need a few thousand a week.
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    Selling: Light Liquid (in bulk)

    Well I just hit a tower of lumis leach (refines to light liquid) and want to sell it all in one go if the price is right. 4430 PED TT PM your offers or post here, in markup %, if interested.
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    Stop mobs from spawning within agro range

    Please, There is nothing more frustrating or stressful than being close to killing a high HP mob and then having 3-4 mobs spawn on your head. This is another one of those things that makes people get annoyed and log off. MA you might think you are making more $$ from decay, but i can assure...
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    Entropias most frustrated

    I think it is frustration that ruins a gamers experience with any game. Games, especially video games, are supposed to be fun, entertaining, and stimulating. They are NOT supposed to be frustrating, stressful, or annoying. Now I'm not talking about bad loot, obviously we all want to hit the...
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    storage movement

    Please, INSTEAD of having it so that when we move an object in our storage/inventory on top of another object, it sends it to the top most available space of our storage/inventory, please have it move said object to the next/nearest/closest available space. And increase storage space...
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    Please allow us more auctions at a time

    Please for the love of lootius allow us to place more auctions at a time. I see no reason to limit it seeing as there are auction fee's to prevent flooding. As a casual miner, who now mines everywhere since there are no personal loot pools, I can't even sell everything I mine up without having...
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    calypso specific minerals

    Was just wondering which resources(ores and enmatters) are ONLY found on calypso, and not the other planets? The other planets all have their own special resources not found on any other planet, yet seem to also have all of the resources found on calypso as well. It also seems that a certain...
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    Selling: All Ranged Combat Skills - Auctions Starting at 110%

    I am selling the following ranged combat skills. I am selling them because I don't use them anymore, and need the PED. I have mainly mined for the past couple of years and would like to focus on that without sinking all of my PED into hunting. This is a Multi-Auction. The skills are being...
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    Discovery: Robot Tactics Analysis Unit

    my first ever discovery that wasn't from tier'ing.... no idea what it is used for. probably some space item yet to be released, but here are screenshots. If you know what it's for and/or would like to buy it... i'm accepting offers but really have no idea until i hunt/learn more and see whats...
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    Selling: Chipping out ~ all ranged skills

    I've decided to chip out all of my ranged skills. You provide the ESI/s. Below shows the skills I am chipping out, the point total, the ESI size needed, and the %(not including ESI %). You may want to get an ESI 10+ ped larger so you are left with another ESI. ESI price is 600%...
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    Selling: Gremlin (M) Tier 1+ tt+220SB/250BO

    SOLD for BO