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    Buying: Hair Stylist Chair and Toolkit

    I'm thinking about buying a hair stylist chair and toolkit. If you have one you no longer want/need shoot me an offer.
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    Buying: Tailoring BP's

    Buying Tailoring BP's Preferably rarer ones
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    Neconu DNA

    Just was wondering whats the mark-up on it.
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    Buying: Vivo T5 and T10

    I'm Buying Vivo T5's and T10's of all TT values except for anything lower than .51 PED and .71 PED respectively.
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    Selling: Full Set of Vigilante M

    I'm selling a full set of Vigilante M TT+480 PM me
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    JNB's Mining Log Service

    I was just wondering if anyone was interested in a mining log service where i would come along on your run and record info like the coords of the find or nrf, depth, size, what ore or enmatter, time, equipment used or any other infomation thats requested. Then I would turn it into a...