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  1. tBANNA

    Selling: FFA stars

    i m looking to sell my FFA stars, please give me an offer here in private ty
  2. tBANNA

    trading channels inside game

    yo, :idea: is it possible for the admins of the #trade channel change the name in #buying and also create a new channel named #selling ? is it difficult to peek an eye on trade while hunting while everyone is running the sale spawn on all channels if possible, once #ark #caly #trade...
  3. tBANNA

    The Species

    well ello 👀 i was thinking how interesting would look the Universe if beside the human shape some other choices would exist to chose from. to point this out i can give u some things that already exist in the game, and changing the shape/race/breed would not take to much of an effort, if i may...
  4. tBANNA

    Selling: Empty Skill Implant (L)

    ello, 🔊 i have the next Empty Skill Implant (L) for sale tt = 1052,45 PED - SOLD at 1563.97% pm , cheers !
  5. tBANNA

    Selling: Dhampyre

    ello, 🦇 i have this exotic pet for sale if anyone is interested give me a pm. pet is full fed, and i m training it. since last one i had was sold if is anyone interested please place an order, will be a bit of time until i can tame another one, only after mayhem i intend to go back to RT...
  6. tBANNA

    Buying: Umbranoid horns

    ello, looking for those horns if anyone have them and want to sell please pm me. Horns - Ram (F) ty, cheers! 😈
  7. tBANNA

    Buying: hyper 10

    ello, i m looking to find a constant supply for the hyperstim 10mg pills, at 4.6ped/pill for personal use, i m not a reseller cheers
  8. tBANNA

    Selling: AUTOLOOT pet

    ello, 🔊 selling next: :yup: >all buffs active >full fed >pet name tag ~ S0ph13 ~ L32🤖 i'm looking for 1900 PED If u dont have a 💍 or u dont want to use low range 20/30m 💊 this is the best choice for a 32m range autoloot solution ! cheers !
  9. tBANNA

    Buying: Xmas 2019 ( bought - can be closed )

    ello' i m looking to upgrade my hallow 19 ring to xmas 19 ring, i can offer pure peds or hallowing 19 + peds, cheers!
  10. tBANNA

    Buying: supremacy parts

    ello, looking for : Supremacy Harness Supremacy Helmet Supremacy Gloves hit me with a pm if u have a part for sale ty
  11. tBANNA

    Buying: Buying

    looking for the fallowing KONG Idol King Kong Map Fragment: Legend King KONG Blood pm
  12. tBANNA

    Selling: Boar Adjusted M set

    ello, i have this set for sale, Boar, Adjusted please leave me a pm here or in game if u r interested, cheers. S O L D !
  13. tBANNA

    Selling: neurostim PILLS for sale and seasonal STRONGBOXES

    ello, currently in stock and also price for each 💊 & 🎁 -00- Modified Neurostim - 75 ped ( sold out ) - 00- HyperStim, FEN Edition - 39 ped ( sold out - no longer availlable ) - 00- HyperStim 15mg - 26 ped ( sold out ) - 00- HyperStim 10mg - 4.8 ped ( sold out - no...
  14. tBANNA

    Selling: FEN complete set

    elo, i m looking to sell next items t2 Arsonistic Chip 4, FEN Edition still for sale SOLD ! t2 Electric Attack Nanochip 13, FEN Edition 26k ped ( private offer ) SOLD ! 1x NeoPsion Kinetic Amplifier 7, FEN Edition 16k ped ( private offer ) SOLD ! pm here or in game...
  15. tBANNA

    Buying: Perf Neopsion Mindforce

    as title sais I m looking for this item, please pm me if u have one and u have a price in mind for it. cheers tBANNA
  16. tBANNA

    Buying: BP-70 Perfected

    looking to buy one, A&P Series Mayhem BP-70, Perfected pm me if u have the tokens, cheers!
  17. tBANNA

    Selling: Unique ring

    Up for sale this latest drop pm, here or in game SB:12k BO:13k
  18. tBANNA

    Selling: Dark Knight F

    taking offers for full set DKoA T2-T3 Dark Knight of Arkadia Harness pm here or in game SOLD for BO !
  19. tBANNA

    Selling: Selling

    looking to sell this beauty Corrosive Attack Nanochip 13, FEN Edition look for me if u r interested 25k cheers!
  20. tBANNA

    Selling: ecotron 26

    WTS / WTT Ecotron v.26b Prototype pm here or in game cheers!
  21. tBANNA

    Question: Mayhem Events

    ello, My question regarding events is, when MA will decide to play fair in all aspects regarding the events? - because I always see those little doors open just for the right ppl to exploit or take advantage, and when I say this I really mean it. I believe is enough grey matter around to find...
  22. tBANNA

    Question: Mining

    ello, when mining will get the some importance as the other professions like hunting ? - when I say some importance I mean the comparison between the number of events for hunting and mining is so far at a rate 100:1 - some importance I mean to bring new UL items , but not from crafting. - also...
  23. tBANNA

    Selling: stuffs

    selling next items Combustive Attack Nanochip V TEN Edition T2.9 SOLD Genesis ArcSpark T9,5 (95) +9500 ped Eon F armor set SOLD Liakon F armor set SOLD Dark Knight of Arkadia Foot Guards F +4000 ped Wasp Devil Autoloot Unlocked LvL 17 1000 ped prices can be changed from time to time
  24. tBANNA

    Selling: mod shadow F shins

    S E L L I N G Shadow Modified Shin Guards F 9k ped open for discution if Is a serious offer pm here or look for me in game, I prefer peds cheers tBANNA
  25. tBANNA

    Buying: Quickness

    Buy few tt of quickness pm me what u have and for what price pls cheers