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  1. AND1

    HoF: Smilgs - the good loots & achievements

    Youre crazy man😃😃😃😳 Precīzāk galīgi traks🤣🙈
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    Comment by 'AND1' in media '20201103-cannibal.jpg'

  3. AND1

    Achievement: Finally, Kill Strike :)

    GZ! I have only 3lvl left... :( this year ill get it for sure.
  4. AND1

    Un-amped mining is still possible!

    Gz! Earlier it was possible to hit Rich (XXIII) year 2006 and later. Not long ago one guy did the same "23" at Foma with pre-amped finder.
  5. AND1

    At last my dream came to reality

    Hi, Dont know how to attach any photo from phone but like title says, one of my childhood dream came to reality:wtg: Today I visited Mindark head office in Gotenburg and had really good time there. Met only few guys of their team cause of summer and vocation time but still interesting. I came...
  6. AND1

    HoF: Smilgs - the good loots & achievements

    Tu tak esi traks :D :wise:
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    EntropiaFund Bonus Events

    sign me up: Frida AND1 Fridis
  8. AND1

    Osseocollum Mega Markup event- Huge Prizes Up For Grabs

    Dont see my name between participants :( Please add me dombath :) Waiting for biggest reward till now :D
  9. AND1

    Atrox And Osseo Mega Markup Event Earn Up To 200% On Your Bonus

    Ill keep going to hit ATH at last :D First ATH was 14k back in 2008 from hogglo young with UL isis HL8, now im ready for 100k :) Ok, thank you for information! See you ingame :)
  10. AND1

    Atrox And Osseo Mega Markup Event Earn Up To 200% On Your Bonus

    Should i use entropialife tracker while participating this event?:confused: When im looking on web i dont see location where i shooted the mob.Here is only few of what i killed in last two days on LA25/51. Osseocollum Young 108 PED Mon, 08 Apr 2019 08:50:18 Osseocollum Young 179 PED Mon, 08...
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    Atrox And Osseo Mega Markup Event Earn Up To 200% On Your Bonus

    Register to event Register for event Frida AND1 Fridis
  12. AND1

    Selling: new skill sale post

    Very good deal maker! Honest and cool guy ;):wtg:
  13. AND1

    ATH: 44k blaus

    At last mate :)
  14. AND1

    Selling: Selling skills

    Today's bump
  15. AND1

    Selling: Selling skills

    Today's bump. Still selling. Found other 2 skills witch are not in list : mining 4.6k RDA 5.5k
  16. AND1

    Selling: Selling skills

    Today's bump. Sorry Courtney just read your pm. No np. Just tell me when you can meet me (this week) because next Ill be in my country house for some time... today's bump.
  17. AND1

    Selling: Selling skills

    Today's bump! Still selling
  18. AND1

    Selling: Selling skills

    Hello! As the title says I am selling skills. I have hg 7.2k for sale. Then Marksmanship 6050... Then LTW&BLP both are more than 6.3k, Anatomy 6.4k RDA 5.5k Mining 4.6k If you are interested, buy ESI and contact me.. About price we can talk.
  19. AND1

    ATH: 35k ped ath from aurli

    Gratz mate :) Keep Hofing :laugh: Frida AND1 Fridis
  20. AND1

    Uber: 10k oa101

    :D on quantity 10k? :eek: Big gratz mate :) And Nea, these amps didnt loot so well :P
  21. AND1

    ATH: 31167 Globster!

    :yay: This I saw ingame :) Big gratz to Avery! I think this is first ATH from Globster, is it?! :) AND1
  22. AND1

    Selling: Selling Tiger/Angel F

    Hello guys! Sorry but armor is SOLD for +47k, pm bid. For me it was more better that sell by parts.
  23. AND1

    Selling: Selling Tiger/Angel F

    That bike on pic is Yamaha R1 :) :yay: :P
  24. AND1

    Selling: Selling Tiger/Angel F

    First BUMP :)
  25. AND1

    Selling: Selling Tiger/Angel F

    Just lowered SB and BO for Tiger armor... Still noone want it?