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  1. Kazanori

    Selling: Mayhem Scintillator Heliotrope + Summer Ring 2016

    I'm looking to sell the following: Mayhem Scintillator Heliotrope Currently Tier 3.9 SB : +17k BO : +19k Current offer : 17k in AUD/PED SOLD for SB Summer Ring 2016 BO : +22k SOLD FOR BO Looking for PED and possibly CLD/AUD's only. Auction will end 48h after start bid has been reached with a...
  2. Kazanori

    Selling: Unlimited Level 2 Mining Amp + Imp Excavator

    As title says I'm looking to sell my Unlimited Level 2 Mining Amplifier + Improved Excavator Unlimited Level 2 Amp SB/BO : 10k PED Improved Excatator SB : 5k BO : 6k Pm me here or ingame Regards Sarah Kazanori Louise
  3. Kazanori

    Buying: Unlimited level 2 mining amp

    Amp Purchased Regards Sarah Kazanori Louise
  4. Kazanori

    Selling: Halloween Ring 2015

    SOLD Regards Sarah Kazanori Louise
  5. Kazanori

    Selling: CDF xtlc 400 tier 7.9

    Hi its time for me to upgrade so that fantastic gun is up for grabs, 10% extra skill gain makes skill grinding much faster. Looking for PED offers only. SB - TT+11k BO - TT+12k Current offer - 10300 Make offer here or PM me in game or on PCF
  6. Kazanori

    Buying: Weapon Accuracy Enhancer BP's

    I'm looking to buy a full set of Weapon Accuracy Enhancer Blueprints If you have a set your selling please PM me with QR and how much your looking for the set Regards Sarah Kazanori Louise
  7. Kazanori

    Buying: Halloween ring 2015

    Looking for a Halloween ring 2015 if you have one for sale please pm me Offering 20k Regards Sarah Kazanori Louise
  8. Kazanori

    Selling: CDF xtlc 400 tier 7.x

    Looking to upgrade my CDF xtlc 400 so this is now for sale. Will only sell gun if i manage to get ahold of the upgrade so for now it's just a fell of the market but with a chance to sell. Get more skills with 10% laser skill gains from this gun. Current Tier = 7.3 SB = TT+11k BO = TT +13k...
  9. Kazanori

    Buying: CDF xtlc 600

    Im on the market looking for a CDF xtlc 600, if you have one for sale please PM me offers Regards Sarah Kazanori Louise
  10. Kazanori

    Buying: Lots of AUD's

    I'm looking to purchase a bunch of AUD's if you have any for sale please send me a PM looking to pay 57PED per deed Regards Sarah Kazanori Louise
  11. Kazanori

    Buying: Halloween ring

    Looking to purchase a Halloween ring, if you have one and might like to sell please send me a PM Regards Sarah Kazanori Louise
  12. Kazanori

    Selling: Improved Excavator tier 2.8

    Selling Improved Excavator tier 2.8 SB : 6k BO : 7k Regards Sarah Kazanori Louise
  13. Kazanori

    Selling: Explosive projectiles IV BP QR 43.8

    Selling Explosive projectiles IV BP QR 43.8 SB : 400 PED BO : 500 PED Regards Sarah Kazanori Louise
  14. Kazanori

    Selling: Ranked Scorpion Tier 9.0

    Selling Ranked Scorpion Tier 9.0 (Highest ingame last i checked) SB : 10k BO : 11k Regards Sarah Kazanori Louise
  15. Kazanori

    Selling: Arson Chip III TEN EDITION tier 6.6

    Selling Arson Chip III TEN EDITION tier 6.6 SB : 7k BO : 8k Regards Sarah Kazanori Louise
  16. Kazanori

    Selling: Modified Restoration Chip

    Selling Modified Restoration Chip SB : 47k BO : 48k Regards Sarah Kazanori Louise
  17. Kazanori

    Selling: Varius Items, Gun, Chips, Mining and others

    It's come time for me to sell off a few items in order for me to pursue other interests therefore the following items are for sale; Ranked Scorpion Tier 9.0 currently the highest tired in-game SB - 12k BO - 13k Current - none Mod Restro chip SB - 50k BO - 51k Current - None Arson Chip III TEN...
  18. Kazanori

    Selling: Rocktropia blonde android pet

    Hi I have afew of these pets sat in storage that I'd like to sell Asking price 15 PED Regards Sarah Kazanori Louise
  19. Kazanori

    Selling: Unlimited Level 2 Mining amp

    After mining for afew years and very succesfully at that i've now turned my focus back to hunting so this littel gem is now up for sale. UNL lvl2 mining amp Item Sold :D Regards Sarah Kazanori Louise
  20. Kazanori

    Buying: King Kong Blood

    Hi, I'm after buying 4 King Kong bloods if anyone has any lying around. PM here or ingame (drop me a offline message if im not about) Regards Sarah Kazanori Louise
  21. Kazanori

    Buying: Unlimited Thunderbird (F)

    Hi, I'm looking to own this armour set again if anyone has the set and are not using it and would like to sell please PM me here and let me know how much you would like for the set, if the price is right i will buy. Will not be ingame until Friday so only drop me a pm here on PCF Regards...
  22. Kazanori

    Buying: Liakon Foot Guards (F)

    As Title says, I'm looking to buy Liakon Foot Guards (F) to complete my set Regards Sarah Kazanori Louise
  23. Kazanori

    Buying: Vacuum Flux Generator

    I'm buying Vacuum Flux Generator PM me in-game or here please :) Regards Sarah Kazanori Louise
  24. Kazanori

    Buying: Bio ID Verification

    Buying Bio ID Verification contact me via PM or ingame Sarah Kazanori Louise
  25. Kazanori

    Buying: Bulk lvl 5 amps

    Hi I'm looking to buy some lvl 5 mining amp's in bulk, if you are selling some could you please pm me with your price and how many you have available thx :) Regards Sarah Kazanori