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  1. Mace(swe)

    Leaving The Prophecy

    Just wanted to say bye to members. We had fun and we learned some stuff. Thx for all the laughs and some other things to. But since I stopped depositing and gone broke I will just use the game to chat with my friends, therefore I don´t want to take up a place in the soc. So have fun and good...
  2. Mace(swe)

    Enlighten me

    I´ve been spending a couple of days at CND, hunting and having fun. But with increased weight the time as come to fly down. As a last thing I went to all the shops to see if I could make a bargain on something. But I have one problem, some of the shops is so dark that I can´t see what stuff...
  3. Mace(swe)

    Double molisk

    Got these 2 within 10 minutes. Click to enlarge First off a Adult worth 208 peds. Click to enlarge Second was a young worth 200 peds. Made me happy that day. :D Why is the pics so small? Sorry bout that. Mr. Larsson...
  4. Mace(swe)

    Scammer alert

    My disciple got approached by a avatar named "Thegirl from outside" and was given the splendid offer to upgrade the shogun armor to a ghost for 30 peds. Luckily I had already told my disciple about the scammers and their wicked ways. :D