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  1. Tomkat

    Selling: Boar full set (M,L) 105%

    Have this full set of Boar (L) male, 105%, - tt of them is all high. Tier numbers nothing worth mentioning.
  2. Tomkat

    Question: Is Paypal not an option?

    Paypal is not an option for buying PEDs?
  3. Tomkat

    Price Check Halloween Strongboxes

    Have 500 of these, interrested to know what one is worth. Willing to sell them at 2ped a piece.
  4. Tomkat

    Selling: UNLOCKED Asclarias edit: added price

    Price idea: 800ped I have Asclarias with all buffers unlocked, speed and Autoloot, he is level 20. I can take Adjusted Fap in trade where I top up with PEDs. I can take Divine Chip in trade where I top up with PEDs. Mainly trading him because I got another Autoloot buff and is more need of a...
  5. Tomkat

    Offering mentoring

    Hi, I will like to offer mentorship to US based players, I just returned into game few weeks ago, I am skilling like crazy atm and could drag some newbies with me while skilling, I have some knowledge to the game and will help you skill up, our friendsship will be based on Trust, I will only...
  6. Tomkat

    Buying: Eon (L) full set

    Looking for Eon (L) set, any tt condition really. Can allways talk about the price.
  7. Tomkat

    Selling: Cryo skills

    I have around 600-800ped tt of cryo skills that I might sell, if the offer is right, I will chip down to a certain point and it will be atleast 600ped tt of Cryo skills. The skills are not chipped out yet, open for offers. Want atleast 3k ped for 600ped tt skills EDIT: price been bumped up a...
  8. Tomkat

    Zorra’s HK

    Interresting gun, what are price on it?
  9. Tomkat

    Regular mk2 and new adjusted mk2

    What is price on this little thing today with the new upgrade? and what are costs for upgrade?
  10. Tomkat

    Selling: Cryo Nano chip VIII tier 3.x

    cryo Nano chip VIII tier 3.x +1500ped startbid +2350ped buyout
  11. Tomkat

    Selling: Cryo chip VI tier1.9 and Cryo chip VII 2.9

    18th November special Deal, - 500ped for both, First PM first serve, 1 hour to trade or I find next PM and ask to trade, untill sold. Considering to sell these items, Cryo attack nanochip VI tier 1.9 payed +199ped and tiered it up for around 70ped, and Cryo attack nanochip VII tier 2.9...
  12. Tomkat

    Cryo nanochip VI, VII, VIII

    what is price on these mindforce chips, Cryo VI payed +200 Cryo VII One sold on auction last week for +420 Cryo VIII (Was one on auction 2 days ago with a buyout of +2100ped or so who got bought within few hours).
  13. Tomkat

    Selling: Modified Ares

    Accepting offers, Only items I will consider in trade are, Improved ares, Hermetic Perfected. Adj. ep41/ adj. mad4, Ranked Scorpion, -12 bucketfull. est, Cryo chip VIII, Bioregenisis skills, Mining amps. Estimating ring above+4490ped worth. Will accept pure peds in straight trade.
  14. Tomkat

    Selling: Athenic Ring Augmented

    Fortunate to get one in a box this night, I will like to see if I can swap it out for item I need more. Ares Ring Modified, Adjusted Restoration Chip, Adjusted ep41, Hermetic Ring Perfected, Est full set. 3900PED ob 4900 bo All trades I like are negotiateable. Throw me an offer if you would...
  15. Tomkat

    Selling: Mah'ketta (M)

    full set Mah'ketta (M) I accept items in trade. I reacently bought the set, but I figured out it was not for my playing style
  16. Tomkat

    Buying: Adjusted fap

    Paying around +2k and more depending how tiered up it is.
  17. Tomkat

    Buying: est armor

    Paying 1500ped for a full tt set.
  18. Tomkat

    Suggestion on seperating hunting, mining, crafting globals in chat

    Suggestion on seperating hunting, mining, crafting globals in chat so that we could turn of the non-relevant globals on big crafters that keeps spamming the global screen, so we better could track / "follow" the more relevant for us. Like, the crafters who keep spamming can get pretty boring in...
  19. Tomkat

    Buying: Xtlc 400 or Kallous-7 unl.

    Seeking to buy one of these for a reasonable price. (Others SIB rifles up to level 55 to be considered, but in the price range of the two guns mentioned).
  20. Tomkat

    CDF xtlc

    Hi, there is one Cdf xtlc 400 with a buyout of 12k ped on the forum. I think it is a pretty nice price for such a weapon, what are the cons and pros? what have I been missing?
  21. Tomkat

    Buying: adjusted V1

    Paying around 3k ped. Take what tier is highest offered.
  22. Tomkat

    Buying: EP3 bp (Explosives Projectiles III)

    BUYING, ---- EP3 bp (Explosives Projectiles III) I do not care about the quality rating much, just aslong I can get the bp in the 300ped range.
  23. Tomkat

    Love love love

    Are there any lonely females here who is willing to loan me a bed anywhere on this planet? I like travelling and I am willing to blindly travel to your location and date you. Additional info: I work, you stay home and clean and we will not have babies together, PM if interrested. Share this...
  24. Tomkat

    Selling: Omegaton m71a2 tier 4.x firesale

    Might be up for grabs just for tonight at a decent Price. Taking offers in ped only.
  25. Tomkat

    Selling: Omegaton m71a2 tier 2.7

    Omegaton M71A2, private message me if you are interrested in giving a bid on it. Accept items.