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  1. Tomkat


  2. Tomkat

    FYI: Alabama All Access

    interresting :)
  3. Tomkat

    Selling: Boar full set (M,L) 105%

    423.29ped tt
  4. Tomkat

    Selling: Boar full set (M,L) 105%

    Have this full set of Boar (L) male, 105%, - tt of them is all high. Tier numbers nothing worth mentioning.
  5. Tomkat

    Question: Is Paypal not an option?

    Any place I can somehow trade my paypal into PEDs through a leagal third party provider?
  6. Tomkat

    Question: Is Paypal not an option?

    Paypal is not an option for buying PEDs?
  7. Tomkat

    Price Check Halloween Strongboxes

    Have 500 of these, interrested to know what one is worth. Willing to sell them at 2ped a piece.
  8. Tomkat

    Selling: UNLOCKED Asclarias edit: added price

    Price idea: 800ped I have Asclarias with all buffers unlocked, speed and Autoloot, he is level 20. I can take Adjusted Fap in trade where I top up with PEDs. I can take Divine Chip in trade where I top up with PEDs. Mainly trading him because I got another Autoloot buff and is more need of a...
  9. Tomkat

    Offering mentoring

    Hi, I will like to offer mentorship to US based players, I just returned into game few weeks ago, I am skilling like crazy atm and could drag some newbies with me while skilling, I have some knowledge to the game and will help you skill up, our friendsship will be based on Trust, I will only...
  10. Tomkat

    Selling: Lava Devil - Mythical

    600ped offer
  11. Tomkat

    Buying: Eon (L) full set

    Looking for Eon (L) set, any tt condition really. Can allways talk about the price.
  12. Tomkat

    Selling: Imperial HAZEN set M

    PM me price please, might be interrested
  13. Tomkat

    Selling: Zorra's HK Tier 3

    interrested in this gun, at around the same pricetag.
  14. Tomkat

    Price Check Regeneration Chip 11

    if the item should be for sale, hit me up, I am interrested in buying it.
  15. Tomkat

    Selling: Cryo skills

    Price reduction. 500% off.
  16. Tomkat

    Selling: Cryo skills

    Cheap skills for sale.
  17. Tomkat

    Selling: Cryo skills

    I only know of one guy with more cryo skills than me. The skills will only be available for 1 more week from now on, And price been updated to 1200% after you provided esi. Demand is high on the skill atm and I know how long it takes to get to 8000 skill points.
  18. Tomkat

    Selling: Cryo skills

    I have around 600-800ped tt of cryo skills that I might sell, if the offer is right, I will chip down to a certain point and it will be atleast 600ped tt of Cryo skills. The skills are not chipped out yet, open for offers. Want atleast 3k ped for 600ped tt skills EDIT: price been bumped up a...
  19. Tomkat

    Selling: Lacerating Attack Nanochip XIII FEN Edition

    I have 8k cryo skills and got SIB on this thing, looks very interresting. A dream item for me, wish I could just rip it out of your hands as I never would be able to afford it, - I am subscribing to this thread and consider this a bump, hopefully I hof big so I can bid on this.
  20. Tomkat

    Highest Known Psyche in Entropia, Part 3: The Psychening

    I have thew screenshot, but I dont know how to upload it easily here.
  21. Tomkat

    Highest Known Psyche in Entropia, Part 3: The Psychening

    Would put on screenshot of my Psyche if I knew how too, but I am on level 73.
  22. Tomkat

    Selling: Weapons - Odin and ADJ-97

    +600 on the adjusted AS97
  23. Tomkat

    Zorra’s HK

    Interresting gun, what are price on it?
  24. Tomkat

    Selling: Regeneration chip XI

    Asking price? I might buy it off of you.