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  1. AA Omega

    Selling: OreAmp OA-103 (L) Blueprint

    Hi everybody! Looking to sell my old OA-103 (L) print. QR 70.7. This is not an auction, I'll wait a couple of days for serious offers and if nothing comes up I'll just put it on ingame auction for a buyout. Anyone interested? Post or send me a PM. Peace and love, Omega :D
  2. AA Omega

    Uber: Uber Niksarium

    Hey everyone, Was pleased to find this one :) Click to enlarge MA works in strange ways. Been getting my butt kicked crafting. I listed my OA-105 bp on auction and now I have enough niks to click it for the next year. :rolleyes: Oh well, PED is PED. Weeeeeeeeeeee :yay: EDIT: HOLY SHIT...
  3. AA Omega

    Selling: Oa-105 bp

    Hey everyone, Have an OA-105 (L) BP. 35.1 QR. May be interested in selling, depending on if I get an offer that makes my mouth water or not. PM or post offers if interested. ~Omega EDIT: Blueprint is now in the ingame auction. Mods feel free to close this thread.
  4. AA Omega


    hey everyone i just got home and im drunk so im scareed to log in becuse ill lose my ped on some fucking stupid click so what going on
  5. AA Omega

    Shopkeeper at the Limited Weapon Museum

    Hey everybody, I'm pleased to announce my new shopkeeper located at Coop's Limited Weapon Museum. She is currently stocking: OA-102: 113 PED each OA-103: 127 PED each MA-102: 113 PED each MA-103s are coming soon. The Museum is located at 71138, 82550, just NW of Atlas Haven. See...
  6. AA Omega

    Price Check on OA-109 (L) BP (L)

    Hey EF, Just looted this bp here: Click to enlarge :yay::yay: Couple things to note: -The required level is only 20, vs 71 on the UL Blueprint. -Entropedia estimates a 20 PED MU/click savings vs the UL Blueprint ( Got 8 clicks on it...
  7. AA Omega

    Re-implementation of Skill Chipping?

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if there had been any word on whether or not skill chipping is coming in 10.1 or not? I sent a support case and got this back: Typical support :rolleyes: Couldn't find anything through a search here either. Thanks, Omega
  8. AA Omega

    My Struggle With MA Support

    Hello EntropiaForum! First off, I'd like to start with saying that I am very upset, but I'll try to keep this as civil as possible. About a month ago, on June 30, I sent MindArk support a support ticket. I had given an innacurate birthdate when starting my account. I understood that normal...
  9. AA Omega

    Uber: My First Tower

    Hey All! Got this 2 days ago but didn't want to post it until I got it all out as it was in PVP4 :) Won Stoikow's Mining for Murderer's event that morning, took an OA105 to PVP4 to celebrate. Hit a 177 PED Narc HoF, drilled it all up, took it to storage, came back to the same spot, ran 100m...
  10. AA Omega

    Selling: Omegaton Power Claw ME

    Hello Entropians! Got an Omegaton Power Claw ME upon graduating a disciple a few days ago. After a painful debate with my fashion sense, I've decided to sell it ;) Click to enlarge TT is 127/127 PED SB: +1200 BO: +1500 Ends 1 week from today :) Current Bid: +1200
  11. AA Omega

    Buying: OreAmp OA-102 (L) Blueprint

    Hey all! Looking for a OA-102 (L) BP, UL. PM me with QR and price estimates. Thanks! :yay: ~Omega
  12. AA Omega

    Emine PVP Edition (L)

    A socmate of mine souped up the new mining armor for use in PVP4... I am proud to present to you... Emine PVP Edition (L)! :yay::yay: Click to enlarge
  13. AA Omega

    Selling: Dominax Original Mamba (L) BP (L)

    Hey all, Looted 10 clicks worth of Dominax Original Mamba (L) BP. Sold: Auction closed
  14. AA Omega

    Selling: Ninja Hood Jacket Stripes (M, C)

    Hey everyone! Got an extra Ninja hoodie for sale, looking for an owner! This jacket is totally, 100% sexy, guaranteed. If you buy it, everyone will think you are totally awesome and want to be your best friend, I promise. :silly2: Month price is +650, so looking for something around...
  15. AA Omega

    Selling: Selling 90 PED ESI

    I have a 90.40 PED ESI I would like to sell. 1000% and its yours. :) PM me or post here. Thanks, Omega
  16. AA Omega

    Unlockable Skills

    Is there a list anywhere out there of all the unlockable skills and the requirements to unlock them? thanks!
  17. AA Omega

    Nub Gun

    What is the best gun to buy after I have max'd the opalo?