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  1. Ackbar Ack

    Ready, steady, go – in retrospect

    Thats for real, i already have to plan my game, waste my IRL money to play, manage to minimize my losses while i hunt and now i have to give free advice to "professionals" telling how to do they jobs? Check a tons of MMOs "free to play" like EU in the market they have a lot of ways to distribute...
  2. Ackbar Ack

    Locations of MA Officials for Vehicle Giveaway

    Pretty much that lol.
  3. Ackbar Ack

    Locations of MA Officials for Vehicle Giveaway

    She was on Mini, she go to the wildernes about 5 min ago.
  4. Ackbar Ack

    Ready, Steady, Go!

    Idk who have this dumb idea, they think all the planet have just one timezone? Nicely done MA.
  5. Ackbar Ack

    Cars vs Taming

    I vote cars, since the first time i arrive i really wanna the game have some way to fix the scraped vehicles you find all across the planet and you can ride or i can buy one of that nice aircraft landedt outside Ithaca (the black one i cant remenber the name but the ship had a name) :).
  6. Ackbar Ack

    POLL: Should MA spend our money upgrading entropia or upgrading castles??

    You guys are so blind!!!! MA need a castle to build a secret lab and bring to life one creature maded with several dead human body parts. Isnt a good reason?
  7. Ackbar Ack

    Star vs Chuck Norris

    Chuck is sooo bad. hes the only one able to do reverse mob trains, he make mobs run away from him. Star have no chance.
  8. Ackbar Ack

    Star vs Chuck Norris

    To beat Chuck you need to loot a UL Chuck Norris Power Fist, but just killng chuck you can loot this amazing item, since anyone can kill Chuck....:scratch2:
  9. Ackbar Ack

    O frac to no EVE, qual o nome do seu char e da sua corp?

    O frac to no EVE, qual o nome do seu char e da sua corp?
  10. Ackbar Ack

    Uber: 30k sumima

    Gratz Trifle, you really deserv that. :yay:
  11. Ackbar Ack

    EU Locations - New NeoMap?

    Great job, that will make my life easier:yay:
  12. Ackbar Ack

    so sad at Nea´s

    so sad thing..... Manage to crack the bank vault and leave without the money.. thats sad.
  13. Ackbar Ack

    Achievement: Combat sense and Avoidance

    A long way till unlock Combat Sense, Avoidance. Both happen today plus i reach 153 hp. :yay:
  14. Ackbar Ack

    News: A Minute with Marco

    Great work Skam, and thanks to give me a Marco picture to use as target in my dart game .
  15. Ackbar Ack

    FYI: Escape

    Thx to share this info, i didnt knew that.
  16. Ackbar Ack

    Question: What happened to the Hoggs at TI??

    MacDonald's bought the hoggs do release the first virtual fast-food shop in EU, they will sell cheese bacon(L). But jokes apart, im tired to walk miles and dont find even one fugabarba to shot.
  17. Ackbar Ack

    Contacting Lucky Akbar Sylphe

    Just to explain, im not the missed guy. I hope u guys find him.
  18. Ackbar Ack

    global with ESI

    again This time wasnt silent :) Full tt Cb 24 + 148 pedder ESI, both on acution by the way :)
  19. Ackbar Ack

    global with ESI

    After a crap month that happen on troxes, sad thing, i dont start the tracker today to auto ss :yay:
  20. Ackbar Ack

    I make one hof album. Your idea lol

    I make one hof album. Your idea lol
  21. Ackbar Ack

    hello Margarida, i add you on my FL!!!!

    hello Margarida, i add you on my FL!!!!
  22. Ackbar Ack

    Questions for Marco

    What about Brazilians in game? We arent china farmers, to play online here im brazil u really need a good amount of real life money. Now i ask to Marco " How u guys let all those European and North American idiots play EU?"
  23. Ackbar Ack

    Info: Defeat - We lost Zychion

    OFC we lost, we cant defeat the new MA bot called "LAGBOT GEN 50".:mad:
  24. Ackbar Ack

    Oxford Bank in Auction

    Its FELIPE MASSA, and we brazilians had AYRTON SENNA, anyway, i bid 8 F1 championships(Ayrton 3 + Nelson Piquet 3 + Fittipaldi 2).