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  1. Monstradamus

    Buying: Hunter Mentor Edition (M)

    still buying
  2. Monstradamus

    Buying: Hunter Mentor Edition (M)

    Still buying
  3. Monstradamus

    Buying: Hunter Mentor Edition (M)

    still buying
  4. Monstradamus

    Buying: Hunter Mentor Edition (M)

    still buying shins and feet
  5. Monstradamus

    Buying: Hunter Mentor Edition (M)

    still buying
  6. Monstradamus

    Buying: Hunter Mentor Edition (M)

    Buying Hunter Mentor Edition (M) armor set. Will not pay premium for high tier. (BOUGHT @ +15) Harness (BOUGHT @ +7) Thigh Guards (BOUGHT @ +2) Gloves (BOUGHT @ +8) Face Guard (BOUGHT @ +198) Shin Guards Foot Guards (BOUGHT @ +56) Arm Guards Looking to pay somewhere in the range on the...
  7. Monstradamus

    Buying: Liakon (M) Harness, Thighs, Helm

    As the title says. Post here if you are selling. Not looking for high tier / looking to pay around avg Tier 0 price. Thanks! EDIT : BOUGHT thanks!
  8. Monstradamus

    servers down?

    Down US East Coast (but you already knew that) and just when I was planning on getting a couple of ATHs :(
  9. Monstradamus

    Positive feedback about VU10

    I agree with what everyone else has said. The night-time and dusk are absolutely beautiful. One problem I'm getting though is ugly blurriness if I try to turn on AA or turn off AF (anything above 2x Box AA and below 12x AF in vid card settings just gets blurry and slow...). Setting to...
  10. Monstradamus

    CRYENGINE2/VU10: I've had enough.

    About the CND mining bit - claims getting stuck inside plants and on top of unreachable hills is a pretty big issue up there right now. I'd say most slopes greater than 30 degrees up there are unclimbable which (since there are quite a lot of steep hills and towers of earth up there for some...
  11. Monstradamus

    ATH: Zed's ATH

    And this is why I'm poor. Gz though :yay:
  12. Monstradamus

    ATH: Megan 195017!

    Gratz :yay::yay: ...but I hate you. All these ATHs have me like 8k ped down in the past two weeks :(
  13. Monstradamus

    Troxie trio (in 5 minutes)

    Congratz m8 :yay: I love when that happens.
  14. Monstradamus

    Endi Looted 100 X Btau From Warrior 03

    To be fair, back in the day when BTAU markup was around 15-20k% this would have made you somewhat rich :D
  15. Monstradamus

    Uber: the secret of profiting

    Ha! Profiting for me is anything over 50% return. :laugh: Gratz to OP though :yay:
  16. Monstradamus

    Uber: Petonium

    Gratz :D What's the MU on peto these days 250%?
  17. Monstradamus

    Uber: 2.7K Simple I Ruds

    Big gratz on your new $270 ruds :yay: any crafting loot I've ever gotten :(
  18. Monstradamus

    HoF: nice little falx

    Big gratz to former mentor :yay:
  19. Monstradamus

    Uber: Loving Minopolis

    Congrats :yay: I have yet to get an uber mining without using big amps on CND (so far gotten 3.4k lyst and 2k cald with oa107s on CND. Biggest Calypso-side was like 300 pedder unamped)
  20. Monstradamus

    Info: Top 15 ALL TIME HIGH for every resource!

    I see you have no entries for Langotz. Here are a couple of candidates I saw in the gallery back when I found my first Langotz claim :silly2: Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Enjoy ;)
  21. Monstradamus

    Uber: Exceptional Robot Contraction Unit

    Gratz on your new robotic wang! :yay:
  22. Monstradamus

    Uber: A silent hof in crafting

    Wow! Great BP, congratz :yay: Good thing I sold my jeans, this BP is sure to bring down their prices a bit :laugh:
  23. Monstradamus

    Lucky Lindsey

    gratz m8 :D
  24. Monstradamus

    Nice Evade Skilling Area?

    Get pixie and a fap and stand knee-deep in tants. Fastest (if maybe not cheapest) way of skilling evade. I can't imagine skilling by pressing R every 15-30 seconds. That would take you weeks to get any considerable amount of skills.
  25. Monstradamus

    Damage ATH?

    The PHG-v.Marco can crit up to 18000... Dasp Stalker in 1 hit :laugh: