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  1. Monstradamus

    Buying: Hunter Mentor Edition (M)

    Buying Hunter Mentor Edition (M) armor set. Will not pay premium for high tier. (BOUGHT @ +15) Harness (BOUGHT @ +7) Thigh Guards (BOUGHT @ +2) Gloves (BOUGHT @ +8) Face Guard (BOUGHT @ +198) Shin Guards Foot Guards (BOUGHT @ +56) Arm Guards Looking to pay somewhere in the range on the...
  2. Monstradamus

    Buying: Liakon (M) Harness, Thighs, Helm

    As the title says. Post here if you are selling. Not looking for high tier / looking to pay around avg Tier 0 price. Thanks! EDIT : BOUGHT thanks!
  3. Monstradamus

    Trying out a little Abrer

    Was running too low on cash to buy a new gun for hunting so did 2 batches of 30 clicks on oa101 lights, leaving me with half of the peds I had before :silly2: ... I saw some people globaling on abrers in chat so I decided "hell, why not try a few clicks on abrers?" So I bought a 1 QR abrer BP...
  4. Monstradamus

    Not sure if this still belongs in Uber Loots, but...

    Depending on what the particular item in loot goes for these days this might or might not be an uber. But hey, a decent hoffie nevertheless :) Sell Thread:
  5. Monstradamus

    Selling: Neconu Jaw

    Selling one neconu jaw :) SB: 4k (anonymous) BO: 1 Gajillion. Happy bidding. NOTICE: Auction ends at the end of the day this notice was posted.
  6. Monstradamus

    Selling: Clearing out random paints/extractors/stuff from storage. BULK sale only

    Ok. The following mass of stuff is for sale. Only selling as a whole lot: Paints: 22 x Navy (2.20 @ 290% => 6.38) 48 x Blue (2.40 @ 500% => 12.00) 20 x Cornsilk (4.80 @ 300% => 14.40) 15 x Purple (0.90 @ 150% => 1.35) 33 x Olive (1.65 @ 500% => 8.25) 21 x Steel Blue (1.26 @ 300% => 3.78) 50 x...
  7. Monstradamus

    Testing out (tk220+oa101) and my luck in EU

    Testing out tk220 and my luck in EU Note: oa101 rule taken off. Will use various amps __________________________________________________________ Ok, so I recently made it to level 22 prospector :) and since hunting was going extremely horribly for me lately I decided to sell my hunting gear...
  8. Monstradamus

    Oh boy, I knew my first mining uber would end up like this

    After dumping 40-50 mostly oa104 amps up here with nothing decent I decided to up the ante a bit and bought an oa107 with an oa102 for sniffing skills (that didnt work out too well btw). With the run going nowhere quick I suddenly get this little baby: Click to enlarge my first mining uber...
  9. Monstradamus

    Nice little CND run

    After 2 bad runs up there grabbed me three oa104s from the mall and went to reclaim my losses... turned out quite well (up to 100ped profit for the past 2 days up here) :wtg: Autoscreen was being buggy and only caught like 2 of the globbies i got, so here is the entropiatracker record and the...
  10. Monstradamus

    Neconus were looting crap today... so i decided to try a little crafting :)

    Got this little baby - my first crafting hof Click to enlarge although next 50 click run only got 2 successes w/o any residue in them :(
  11. Monstradamus

    HoF: 1 day 2 hofs

    First one was a phasm with the help of a socm8 with an adj fap :) (ty Borr) Click to enlarge And second one was a completely solo troxie :) Click to enlarge ... good day, it seems :silly2:
  12. Monstradamus

    Selling: Jaguar Shins (m)

    THREAD TEMPORARILY CLOSED: ITEM PLACED ON EU AUCTION Selling: Jaguar Shins (m) SB: tt+2050 BO: tt+2150
  13. Monstradamus

    Full tt MODIFIED Korss h400 (L)

    *AUCTION CLOSED* Would Sissi please PM me with the place and time when/where to do the exchange. I will be on 14:30-19:30 EST today (18:30-23:30 GMT) Not many buyers out there it seems :) so I'm lowering to price to something that actually makes the gun more eco than normal korss Click to...
  14. Monstradamus

    Selling : Modified Korss h400 (L) Full TT

    ***THREAD CLOSED*** Selling this little baby: Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Your offers please. Starting Bid: 150% (8145.00 ped) Buyout: 175% (9502.50 ped)
  15. Monstradamus

    After a week of really bad returns...

    Ok, so first of all I must say that with all of the big ATHs this week my returns for mining/hunting were really bad and I managed to eat through all of my peds. With waning hopes and dreams I sold my last item of value (my of105). With this money I chipped out my prospecting skills... sold...
  16. Monstradamus

    M's Mining Log

    Ok, some time ago I already tried making a mining log here, but after a few runs was almost out of peds and decided to stop. Recently, though, I decided to take up mining again :) . First day I got a 120ped profit :yay: ... Second day I was stuck with 30% returns and over a 180ped loss :( ...
  17. Monstradamus

    Monstra's Mining Log

    Hi, I was originally going to run a log on another thread but decided to start my own instead :) This is just an in-depth mining log I will be keeping until I run out of money :P ________________________________________ Mining Run 1 : Billton Towers ---> West Skills: Geo 635.1 ---> 639.7...
  18. Monstradamus

    PC: Jester D1 BP

    Have this one left in my inventory from that time I wanted to try out crafting :rolleyes: Jester D1 BP 0.375 PED Any ideas on how much this one might go for, I know it's not a lot, but still :)
  19. Monstradamus

    low-tt Empty Skill implant

    I'm looking to buy a low-tt empty skill implant. Perfect size would be about 1.5PEDs tt or so although, if anybody wants to trust me, I can take more chips/a bigger chip and pay after I sell the skills (or sell the skills to you) I am looking to make a bit of money selling one or more of...