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  1. Ackbar Ack

    Achievement: Combat sense and Avoidance

    A long way till unlock Combat Sense, Avoidance. Both happen today plus i reach 153 hp. :yay:
  2. Ackbar Ack

    global with ESI

    After a crap month that happen on troxes, sad thing, i dont start the tracker today to auto ss :yay:
  3. Ackbar Ack

    HoF: yes , new life after the tower

    the best week in 3 years.
  4. Ackbar Ack

    HoF: 5 long years till...

    Well, long time playng, long time losing peds. When the stars come, i think " ok, one more 200-500 peds hof", after all 5 long years i was wrong. **Guys sry i was wrong, isnt 5 years, just 3 years playng. Really sry about the wrong info. With 30 years old u begin to forget some dates lol.***