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  1. ZLostAlien

    As Promised: NW's EU Assistant Icon Design Competition

    heya where's the thread for NW EU Assist? none yet? :P
  2. ZLostAlien

    Discovery: Modified omegaton fast aid pack SGA edition

    Congratulations :) I was real happy to see it drop :wtg: Wish we could see the picture of the the moment ;) I'm curious how much it decays, and what weapon(s)/amp(s)/armor you used on that dasp. I'm sure many people are happy for you ;) Enjoy!
  3. ZLostAlien

    Gratz on the mod fap SGA loot :) happy times eh?!! :D :wtg:

    Gratz on the mod fap SGA loot :) happy times eh?!! :D :wtg:
  4. ZLostAlien

    Info: VU10.0 Creature Chart

    Click to enlarge
  5. Screenshot 20090923032518296 Argospawn

    Screenshot 20090923032518296 Argospawn

    violet area argo spawn
  6. ZLostAlien

    SGA items - clues & discussion

    Why not a weapon or an armor part? :D Know any armor parts that are violet? the 7th part of it, maybe feet? lol, yeah I know it seems highly unlikely :) But the imp fap guy not only had some 230k ped losses he was using camo arms urban stalker weapon which has like 13kped markup (if I remember...
  7. ZLostAlien

    SGA items - clues & discussion

    where is that exactly? I guess not at fury or aegis?
  8. ZLostAlien

    SGA items - clues & discussion

    Is neconu kinda violet/purple or some kind of darkblue ? just asking :) anyway +rep for that :D
  9. ZLostAlien

    SGA items - clues & discussion

    Saw molisk, argo, Scaboreas ... the latter makes me think of aurora borealis ; I also found that Boreas is some "winged god of the north wind, runs through the air in flight." Anyway scaboreas don't hit low and they 'no loot' a lot so far :) but +rep for that suggestion with location thanks:)...
  10. ZLostAlien

    SGA items - clues & discussion Furor Worker :) I think this is awesome, that the imp fap dropped :):yay: Is anyone gonna hunt furor? lolz
  11. ZLostAlien

    holly crap! Don't tell me that's an avatar?!

    holly crap! Don't tell me that's an avatar?!
  12. ZLostAlien

    Version Update 10.0.12

    An error occurred when trying to download a file. bin32\Entropia.exe-6c9bed6a
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    What's up pvp-er ? :))) :P I mean, Hello :D

    What's up pvp-er ? :))) :P I mean, Hello :D
  14. ZLostAlien

    SGA items - clues & discussion

    modfappah from tsktsk :P
  15. ZLostAlien Official Thread

    Entropedia is down, been down for a few days now :(:( Also note that sending email (from gmail at least) to won't be accepted: Please someone fix entropedia .... Thank you.
  16. ZLostAlien

    VU 10.0 Teleporters

    Osere aprox 81176, 72664 (looked it up with mouse on map, since I already have it)
  17. ZLostAlien

    List of missing and added mobs in VU10

    exovirus showed me where borums are aprox. 31476, 43908 there seem to be some 3 patches where they spawn every 5-10mins about 5-10 borums, saw only males though (the above are more or less correct)
  18. ZLostAlien

    Petition for Old HoF and Global sounds

    could use having the HoF sound back also :) was an amazing one hehe
  19. ZLostAlien

    SGA items - clues & discussion

    ZLostAlien, you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons: 1. Your user account may not have sufficient privileges to access this page. Are you trying to edit someone else's post, access administrative features or some other privileged system...
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    Strange bug / possible exploit ?

    When I had my armor unequipped after relogging (in similar cases when server was unresponsive for like 1 min and I got lost conn) I would find that some of my skills were also reverted back, ie. gained new rank in Rifle again and it's 2600 points :) So, if the decay is reverted back, then for...
  21. ZLostAlien

    PE Assistant

    I'm using PEAss in windowed mode, it's a good thing that it works overlayed over desktop also, so it's not restricted to EU window (although I could make it do so), and it works great, just sometimes it won't take screenies so I have to restart EU or PEAss+EU, but that's not new - it kept...
  22. ZLostAlien

    Someone explain this

    Lol you have a point, but I was sure I read 19 august 2009 on first post, must've been antoher thread :laugh: Hi Mercury :D I know what you're thinking :laugh::wtg:
  23. ZLostAlien

    Someone explain this

    Hey, where did you find that? Coords ? :) According to this thread, they're missing in VU10. +rep if you give coords :D or approximate location :silly2:
  24. ZLostAlien

    ATTENTION: double missed shoots in progress

    Did you actually saw tsktsk in this VU? :) There's a thread about which mobs are missing here, so if you saw them, we can tell the thread starter :)
  25. ZLostAlien too lol! too lol!