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  1. ZLostAlien

    HUNTing / HEALing service provided by "The Lost Alien" and "rogh ed bu"

    Hello everyone! Me, "The Lost Alien", and "rogh ed bu" have met in EU recently and talked and decided we want to provide hunting or/and healing services to whoever thinks it may be useful. You can use either one of us, or both of us. All the rules are stated in my post here...
  2. ZLostAlien

    Selling: Support Weapon Systems skill implant(3.5631ped)

    Selling: Support Weapon Systems skill implant with TT=3.5631ped (tested with dung) Skill points: if you have 1 point SWS then this will give you 1019 points. StartBid=BuyOut= 345 ped ( 9682.58% ) Sell will expire in 24 hours from now, even if not sold. That is: expires 2 october 2008 12:40 MA...
  3. ZLostAlien

    The Lost Alien HUNTing service (no fees)

    THE HUNTING SERVICE IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE ONLY THE FAPPING SERVICE IS ACTIVE: see the reason for making the hunting inactive is because I depo-ed too much and I would need to recover my loses, thus if the loot gets into my inventory having to trade it back to...
  4. ZLostAlien

    Selling: XFire Survival (F,L) full armor

    NOT SELLING ANYMORE XFire Survival (F,L) full armor NOT SELLING ANYMORE, gonna be using it myself :) Since no bids and people don't seem to like the price or for wtw reason, i've decided to not sell it anymore, instead I'll be using/decaying it myself :) Or just use it as my own gear while...