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    Buying: adjusted or improved a105

    sell it to me and you will start profiting
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    Selling: adjusted omegaton asg-3 warthog tier 3.4

    tiers are: 63 136 77 136 142 88 135 161 121 96 price wil be around 1k ped SOLD
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    Selling: EST full set 178.78 ped

    buy it quickly befor i change my mind, its male, tnx for reminding me :)
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    Battle simulator issue

    the problem ive got is that whit the new feature, you can make a mistake in a second, when you open "event list", by default it is set to calypso events, you cannot change this, in my case, the calypso event it was set to had 100 ped fee, its the ambulimax la24 event if you forget to change the...
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    Buying: hermetic ring augmented or perfected

    price is negotiable
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    Selling: mod 2350 tier1.4

    BO: 5.5k il give it one week time, but the price wont get lower !
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    Selling: weapon attachments , healing tools, melee weapons, pets, armor plates

    il give aprox prices on everything, this means i can go up or down in the price, but i want to give some idea what im looking for modified ek-2350 tier 1.4 -- 12k melee trauma amp 6 -- 300 dante amp -- 1570 a106 amp -- 1180 songrka corrosive dagger tier 3 --950 philosopher sword tier 1 -- 80...
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    Buying: UL hunter (M) set (not mentor edition)

    like the title says :), tiers dont matter
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    Selling: shortblade skill of any size

    i have alot of it, and il be seeling it for around 100% under the weekly MU, give me a pm if youre interested :)
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    Selling: some small some big ESIS

    the esis that i have are: 12.84 18.09 17.62 11.30 261.04 415.50 the price for the small esis would be around 1010%, the big ones i want around 1035%, you have 1 day to buy them, afterwards they will be thrown on auction :)
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    Selling: piron plr-62

    this gun is somewhat new, looted on arkadia, no info on entropedia yet, so il just list the stats, according to the current MU it must be pretty good, but who knows it will be cheaper then auction, so you can guess around 132%, and i can sell bulks if needed
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    Selling: support weapon system skill implant

    i have like 5k points in that skill, im selling it under auction price ofc, and the ammount you want you can decide if you provide the ESI
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    Selling: arsonistic chip ten edition tier 6.7

    my starting price is 15k ped, i only take ped, if people will offer more then 15k, the price will go up
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    Selling: arsonistic chip ten edition tier 6.4

    the price im looking for is around 15k, ofc we can negotiate, and im willing to trade it ( not necesaraly permanently if you dont want) for: ranger scope (1%crit) m83 predator
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    Buying: ranger scope ( the one that gives +1% crit chance)

    i want to hear the offers first, i have some idea what the price of it might be, but idk how many people are accualy selling it, so throw me your price and we can negotiate :)
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    Selling: 382 ped ESI and a couple of small ones

    as title says, MU can be negotiated, im looking for some MU thats on auction minus auction fee
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    Selling: 453 ped Yuka Shoulder Plate

    i am on calypso, the price can be negotiated (not under 170%)
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    Selling: ancient red scorpion T2

    BO tt+750 ped
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    Selling: vain helm(F,L) vain arm guards (M,L)

    just have one of each, but selling cheaply :)
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    Buying: isis project zero-seven (L)

    il buy all your zero-sevens if you make me a good offer
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    Selling: pyrokinesis skill, LC-60

    the LC-60 are going to be sold around 5% less then auction, we can talk about pyro price
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    Buying: Earth Shock GLOVES AND FOOT ONLY (M)

    just as the title says, we will discuss the price
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    Buying: archon sword

    ALLREADY BOUGHT IT, THREAD CAN BE CLOSED ! we can negotiate price , im thinking around 1.1k depending on tier
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    Selling: Herman asi ten edition tier 4.1

    GUN GOT SOLD, YOU CAN CLOSE THREAD NOW :) im still selling this gun, and it slowly is getting better tiers, i still hope somebody buys it from me quickly :) price: 28500 ped tier rate: tier 1: 95 tier 2: 84 tier 3: 75 tier 4: 52 tier 5: 139 tier 6: 117 tier 7: 100 tier 8: 117 tier 9: 116 tier...
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    Selling: all they pyro skill you need

    as the title says, im selling pyro skill, cheaper then auction obv, just give me a pm about how much you need price right now will be around 1600