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  1. Vortexy

    HoF: Nice welcum gift

    WAs off EU for around 1 - 2 months due to work. Got back.. see no peds.. sold me cognac coat... WIth 300 peds I get to work... first there was the 1580 shoes... I was like :rolleyes: Then someone got a 3k maddox 1 I was like :scratch2: The god speed chat with me saying he jsut lost 2k...
  2. Vortexy

    Selling: Cheap Jaguar Harness (M)

    As title above I am selling my jag harness for only tt + 2.2k. This great armor will enable you to tank both bots and mobs. Even big troxes. :D First come first serve. Must be able to be online from 0030 - 1030 Vortexy
  3. Vortexy

    HoF: Merry X-Mas Everyone! :D

    Was crafting amps with 46 pecs left int he wallet when santa claus gave me 3.6k peds........... Click to enlarge
  4. Vortexy

    HoF: Some pocket money to join Merry mayhem

    Lost everything including the shirt on my back when MA gives me a little something back.. Click to enlarge
  5. Vortexy

    A small loot with 2 guns

    Got the LR 32 and UL1 with this global. TTed the riker UL1 to a socmate and will use the LR 32 for ambu hunting. :D Click to enlarge
  6. Vortexy

    Brain Teasers

    1 Three Americans are standing at the entrance to a British Museum, and are about to enter. One of them is the other's son. How is this possible? 2 A woman had two sons who were born on the same hour of the same day of the same year. But they were not twins. How can this be? 3 A heavyset man...
  7. Vortexy

    HoF: Double hof again

    Click to enlarge
  8. Vortexy

    HoF: 2 in 1

    Click to enlarge Nice to get a double abrer hof... :D
  9. Vortexy

    Selling: Unlimited Lich Foot BP (L)

    Click to enlarge Buy this baby to make lich foots (L) for sale... ;) Bargain hunters can get it for a LOW starting bid of 1 ped
  10. Vortexy

    HoF: A laser sights Hof

    All enmatter res... :D Wish it was metal.. ;)
  11. Vortexy

    Selling: En Amps 101 (L)

    As the title says, I got a shitloads of enmatter amps 101 (L) in my storage (around 60). Those regular enmatter miners / interested parties can contact me for a sale / deal / package. TQ p/s : All are full tt - 78 peds each
  12. Vortexy

    HoF: 4k Abrer Sights

    Got enough materials for 10 clicks on abrer laser sights.... Decided to go for 5 click on quantity and 5 click on condition. On my 8th click...... Click to enlarge
  13. Vortexy

    HoF: (V) Lucky Strike x 3

    Strike 1 Click to enlarge Strike 2 :D Click to enlarge Strike 3 Click to enlarge
  14. Vortexy

    HoF: Some Extra Peds for me.... (3rd time lucky?)

    What can I say? I LOVE YA MA! :yay: Click to enlarge
  15. Vortexy

    HoF: Some Extra peds for me......... (2 mins later)

    Yes, got these a few moments after the first one... :yay: Click to enlarge
  16. Vortexy

    HoF: Some extra peds for me..........

    Click to enlarge Nothing fancy in it.. All shiny garnets (27 of em)
  17. Vortexy

    Info: Doorak Promoted

    COngratulations to Daneel Doorak Visroth who made Private today! :cheer: :yay: :cheer:
  18. Vortexy

    HoF: Few recent swirlies

    Click to enlarge Click to enlarge
  19. Vortexy

    Selling: UNLIMITED OA-103 Blueprint

    Click to enlarge Have decided to sell this baby to finance my other ventures. Planning on skilling in textures so gotta need shitloads of peds to but the materials. Also planing to upgrade my hunting gear. :D As you can see the price is 500 peds lower than the last bp sale. As such, grab the...
  20. Vortexy

    HoF: 3k + Metal res for me.. Yippeeeeeee

    Click to enlarge
  21. Vortexy

    HoF: My first 103 hof...

    Below me first 103 hof... Got em last week.. :D Click to enlarge Then my 101s came in Click to enlarge And some 101 that I got along the way. Click to enlarge
  22. Vortexy

    Selling: Ore Amps 101 (L)

    As the title says I am selling loads of oreamps 101s. The sales will be between tt + 1.5 to tt + 2.0 (depending on the volume) Come to TI when you see me globaling and you can get your oreamps cheaply. :D Then you can add me for future sales. ;) I also craft Oa 103s regularly.
  23. Vortexy

    HoF: 2 more babies for me...

    Click to enlarge Then got tagged...... I am no 4.. :D Click to enlarge All metal res baby! Officially turned them all into OA 103s... ;) Click to enlarge
  24. Vortexy

    HoF: Crazy 2 days

    Click to enlarge A 639 OA 101.. yes.. not much res.. :( Click to enlarge Click to enlarge It comes with a CB26.. :) Full tt Click to enlarge Click to enlarge And 2 more globals on troxes
  25. Vortexy

    HoF: A groover and an oreamp

    Click to enlarge Without metal res... :( Click to enlarge With metal res.. ;)