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  1. Lars Sebra

    An administrator has blocked your acces to application for safety

    I have the same problem. I dont have to turn off "EnableLUA" if I start a Command Promt and make sure I start that as Administrator, and there I start "c:\Program Files [x86)\Entropia Universe\bin32\ClientLoader.exe" (Or where you installed your game) Then the game starts ok. (I made a .bat...
  2. Lars Sebra

    WoF 2020... Hunt for your country! TRIBUTE TOURNAMENT

    Swedes! Report in :)
  3. Lars Sebra

    WoF 2020... Hunt for your country! TRIBUTE TOURNAMENT

    Oh what great news :) I want WoF Sweden to wake up
  4. Lars Sebra

    Ready to get Hussked TWICE?

    I will be there on Saturday and I will try to get up early on Sunday also :)
  5. Lars Sebra

    WoF 2014: Team Sweden

    I cant find Wof 2015 thread. Is it under Wof 2014?
  6. Lars Sebra

    Alsn Mo?

    team name was: In memory of Alan Mo
  7. Lars Sebra

    WoF 2014 has a winner

    Im so proud to be in finals! And DACH won becuse they did better! And GB scared me all the time ... Wow such a great WOF it was!!
  8. Lars Sebra

    Achievement: 300K skill (All Natural)

    gz! :) 300k is my goal also but it will take me another year.
  9. Lars Sebra

    ***WoF 2014/2015 3-Way GRAND FINAL!***

    gz DACH , you did a great WOF, and also a good job from GB! Its been the greatest WOF ever ! Im happy to have been in finals!!! And also a big thank you to hurrikane for this great player made event! And also ty to all judges (I know how hard you work every match) ty all
  10. Lars Sebra

    WoF 2014: Team Sweden

    Ok Swedes! Finals on Saturday 19:00 MA time. LETS FIGHT LIKE VIKINGS! :)
  11. Lars Sebra

    ***WoF 2014/2015 3-Way GRAND FINAL!***

    yes please :)
  12. Lars Sebra

    World of Firepower 2014

    If can you prove he is not a swede I would be happy though, since that would be the first evidence of where he comes from. (Or at least where he does NOT come from.)
  13. Lars Sebra

    World of Firepower 2014

    Yes TEAM SWEDEN refuse help from other countries! A very few exceptions (by a single player on a match) may have happened over the years. but trust me! it has never been planned if so
  14. Lars Sebra

    So I left the bar last night....

    It wasnt Santas fault! I blame the deceivingly flat floor!
  15. Lars Sebra

    WoF 2014: Team Sweden

    I can give you small translation Hurrikane. <Ser ut som att moblistan kan bjuda på nått skoj. ser fram emot matchen> It looks like the mob list has some fun. Looking forward to the match.
  16. Lars Sebra

    Chillin at the Rig V2 - Oberon Style

    Perhaps theres strong wind at the rig?? :)
  17. Lars Sebra

    WoF 2014: Team France

    ty for the game. France did a great score! And I know how hard it was for support on the most laggy server I have ever hunted on.
  18. Lars Sebra


    3000000Tb = 300 Yutta byte?
  19. Lars Sebra

    Society Globals to appear in society chat

    I vote yes for this idea!
  20. Lars Sebra

    State of the Universe Address 2015

    Calypso Rescue Team is getting ready for the challange to rescue new players who like to explore in this great game and get stuck in the wilderness of Calypso. So have we done in over 9 years now! :)
  21. Lars Sebra

    WoF 2014: Team DACH (germany, austria, switzerland)

    gz DACH for the small victory :) perhaps one of the greatest matches in WOF history :)
  22. Lars Sebra


    remind MA about Knut!
  23. Lars Sebra

    How does loot get determined if...

    Maybe the algorithm will check all team members to find highest dmg. And if all are same it will select one, and why not the last one it checked then? So last one to join team are the lucky one, I think. :)
  24. Lars Sebra

    Remembering Palms Corner....

    Yes I remember it, lots of stairs in that city.
  25. Lars Sebra

    Ban the Above User!

    Banned for banning.., or what did I miss here?