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    Selling: About 350 ped tt of rifle skill

    Hi, I am selling roughly 350 ped tt of rifle skill, maybe a tad more depending on how close i come to lock commando again (which i wanna avoid). 350 ped tt is a safe number though, so let me know if you want the lot or part of it. The price is gonna be kept very simple. Auction % of rifle...
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    Selling: UL BP's enmat103 & enmat106 amps

    Hi, I want to sell both the enmat103 and enmat106 bp's in 1 sale preferably. Both bp's are UL, the amps are L of course. Startbid for the set is 3500 and Buy out is 5000 ped. To make it clear... that will be for BOTH bp's. The enmat103 bp has a QR of 76, the enmat106 bp is a fresh one...
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    Unlimited adapted force mace basher bp

    Hi all, Would like to know any price suggestions for this unlimited bp, thanks in advance :) Name: Unlimited adapted force mace basher bp Materials needed to craft: 7 niksarium 5 erdorium 2 kanerium 12 hardened bolts 3 binary 11 triphased wires 10 enhanced target assessment units No auction...
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    Entropia Pioneers site down and probably out.

    Hello all, I'm sorry to inform you that yesterday Entropia Pioneers server crashed (harddisk failure) and that it looks like that ALL data is lost forever. The server is located at Stumdoes home and I'm sure he's investigating every possible way to recover some data, but it doesn't look good...