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  1. Minken

    Selling: DOA Rockjacker, tier 6.5

    Selling DOA Rockjacker, tier 6.5 Remaining Tier Numbers is as follows: t7: 162 t8: 105 t9: 103 10: 122 Looking for offers. Free bumps are welcome :) - Minken
  2. Minken

    Selling: Mod fap, tier 1.3

    Sold sold sold
  3. Minken

    Unsportsmanlike conduct

    No, I'm not. This is where Entropia goes from "Funny" to "Not funny", involving unsportsmanlike conduct. Hope you in the team gets locked for 24h ┌П┐( ._. )┌П┐ Minken
  4. Minken

    Selling: A-3 Justifier Mk.II Modified (THE Modk2)

    I only accept PEDs. It's currently at tier 3.9 (looking for Opals). The max damage with three dmg enhancers and one A204 amp is 134.4 dmg. It's 63 attacks per minute at 110 meters range. That makes it 141.1 DPS! The decay unamped and without enhances says 2.200 pec according to Entropedia. I...
  5. Minken

    Buying: Opals or Pile of Opals

    Greetings, Whoever sits on all the Opals or Pile of Opals in game - it's time to show your face. Drop me a PM pls. I need 5 Opals OR 4508 Pile of Opals. Paying in pure PED. Thanks in advance, Minken
  6. Minken

    Selling: ChopChop - a Stingury UL tier 1

    ChopChop the Frog Killer is sold.
  7. Minken

    How to make sight and scope to disappear

    How to make sight and scope to disappear: Requirements: a decayed UL weapon that sight and scope can be equipped on. 2 full TT Sights and 1 full TT Scope. 1) Put the sight on the scope. 2) Put the scope (with the sight) on the decayed UL weapon 3) Put the 2nd sight on the decayed UL weapon 4)...
  8. Minken

    Entropia on dual screens

    Solved! :yay: :yay: :yay: Tip: Right click on the image and choose View image (in Firefox) Eyefinity at Windows 7 desktop: Eyefinity in Entropia: Eyefinity flying with spacecraft: Eyefinity flying with spacecraft (view from side): Eyefinity view at rig: Eyefinity on a hunt...
  9. Minken

    ATROX 1.99% during Harbinger event - in Dome 4 CND

    EDIT: NOVEMBER IS OVER AND THE INFORMATION BELOW IS NO LONGER CORRECT! ------------------------------------------------------------------ Sick of killing robots before the Harbinger event even starts? Want to continue your iron/bronze mission on Atrox? :handgun: Welcome to Dome 4 CND - ONLY...
  10. Minken

    Regeneration Chip VIII (Heal Chip level 8)

    Due to this thread I want to do a price check for a Regeneration Chip VIII (Heal Chip level 8). As far as I know, at least one level 6 chips sold for +3k not that long time ago. Thus, I am not going to sell my lvl 8 chip for +3k. Thanks, Minken
  11. Minken

    Selling: MindForce chips & skill, weapons

    Weapons and armor, and Wormhole Selling/taking offers on the following: Mindforce: First Gen Wormhole Chip VIII SB & BO: +9k Weapon: UL Stingury tier 1 SB & BO: 40k, including ~8.6k TT. Item trade possible - make offer. Armor: Full set Viking (M, UL) SB & BO: +3.6k Full set Hunter (M, UL)...
  12. Minken

    Dome 4 CND (the society)

    Nothing to see here.
  13. Minken

    Guns 'n prizes at Dome 4 CND

    Greetings all, It's time for a new successful event in Dome 4 CND! What: Atrox Young-Old, Most loot event. Where: Dome 4, CND. When: Friday 1st of October, 20:00 MA time. Duration: 1h. Ticket: 75 PED/each. 40 tickets available in LA terminal. Prizes*: 1st: LOTS of CB13/26 (L's) plus PED pile...
  14. Minken

    Selling: A-3 Justifier Mk.II Improved, SGA Edition (Imk2 SGA)

    Sold sold sold
  15. Minken

    1200 PED Atrox Mania, Dome 4 CND

    1200 PED Atrox Mania, Dome 4 CND What: Most loot event. Where: Dome 4, CND. When: Today, 20:00 MA time. Duration: 1h. Ticket: 30 PED/each. 30 tickets available in LA terminal. Prizes*: 1st 1 000 PED, 2nd 100 PED, 3rd 100 PED. PVP: Off. Radar: On. +rep games: Yes. How: Register at LA terminal...
  16. Minken

    Question: Dome 4, maturity vs density

    For you who likes polls, here is yet another one! Minken
  17. Minken

    Question: Dome 4, PVP or not?

    Simple question to see what everyone's opinion is regarding PVP in Dome 4 at CND. Note that it's public votes. Thx Minken
  18. Minken

    Buying: Uber armor M UL - Supremacy? Shadow? Pote? Pixie SGA? ;) + Win 100 PED!

    As the title says I am looking for an Uber armor. It must be male and I want it to be unlimited. I prefer them as a full set (including thighs and footies). But how much is a full unlimited male set these days, for the following armors ... * Supremacy (either SGA or regular) * Poe/Pote, as in...
  19. Minken

    Testing Trackback to a testing thread

    Let's see how this Trackback system works.... this thread sends Trackbacks to
  20. Minken

    FYI: New owner of Dome 4 at CND

    New owner of Dome 4 CND EDIT: I let my brothers avatar have the dome for a while, and he adjusted the tax with the following welcome message: "┌П┐( ._. )┌П┐". I guess that says it all. ---------------------------- Greetings everyone, I am the new owner of Dome 4 CND. ***** CURRENT / PLANNED...
  21. Minken

    Improved Omegaton Fast Aid Pack (aka Imp Fap)

    A pricecheck on Imp Fap, also known as Improved Omegaton Fast Aid Pack. EDIT: SOLD! Thx. Minken
  22. Minken

    Buying: Crude oil (for Oil Rig Event)

    As title says, I need to buy crude oil. It is for the free dropping that will happen at my 2010 Edition Event No real rush, I will be AFK until 13th of July. Grab your mining gear and go out and find an...
  23. Minken

    Oil Rig Field Trip V July 17 2010

    I've read that last years Oil Rig Field Trip was really close to a success. Let's do it again - and nail that success title this year! :yay: Saturday July 17th, 2010 18:00 Calypso Time Wormholes will be created at Swamp Camp This year, we're adding guaranteed free oil drops, vehicles and...
  24. Minken

    PC: Proteron Blood Sample - add your opinion here

    As of typing, there are two Proteron Blood Sample(s) looted. Skippie got the first one and I got the second one. I want your opinion on what you think 1 Proteron Blood Sample is worth - as long as there are only two (known) looted. Note that this is a PC only for the Blood Sample, the whole...
  25. Minken

    Selling: Proteron Blood Sample

    Nothing to see here. :locked: