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  1. DaveFoz

    Selling: Weapons and Armor

    Hi all, I am selling the following items, Idea for Merry Mayhem Hunting Season Full Set of Martial F SGA UL - SB 26k PED - BO 30k PED DOA Loudmouth (Tier 4) - SB 11k PED - BO 14k PED Emik T10 UL - SB TT + 10k PED - BO TT+12k PED Auctions will run 5 days per item from the first Bid or until BO...
  2. DaveFoz

    Buying: Martial SGA F UL Parts

    HI all. I am look to buy the following Parts of MArtial SGA F UL armour. Helmet Arms Gloves Thighs Shins If you have any of these parts and are looking to sell then pleas drop me a PM on here along with a price you would like to sell at. I do have some items that could be used in trade...
  3. DaveFoz

    Selling: DOA Loudmouth Tier 4

    Selling a Tier 4 DOA Loudmouth Pure PED please TT +14k PM me
  4. DaveFoz

    Buying: UL Emik T10

    Looking to buy a UL Emik T10 Low TT Prefered If you have one for sale drop me a PM
  5. DaveFoz

    ATH: SteelBird Finally Paid

    Well Still in shock but hey. about time they paid to me Had to have a skirt on as well. Just as well armour is on
  6. DaveFoz

    Discovery: Pyro Area Strike Chip II

    Up at CP hunting Aurli for Mission when this little gem popped up :yay::eyecrazy::wtg: Max TT is 25.50 PED. came with 23 and change And Sorry it is not for sale will just have to skill the last bit
  7. DaveFoz

    Daikiba Missions LA

    is there a LA owner out there that is going to fill the LA with full density low maturity Daikiba for the IC missions. It happened with Merps and argos and Molisk come one DNA is cheap enough right All those ppl killing all those daikiba
  8. DaveFoz

    Wormhole Madness

    Sat 21 Aug 2010 - 1200 hrs MA at NEW OXFORD Sponsered by Calypso Settlers - WORMHOLE MADNESS From 1200 MA on Sat 21 Aug 2010 Wormholes will be opened to every TP on Calypso (Less Starting ones etc) Order of them will be done as per they are on the List so starting at the Top with Aegis...
  9. DaveFoz

    Som o e Idiots

    Well what do yo knw. some one manages to spoil it (that is being polite) there I am doing Wormholes from Nea's for Newbies. saying where there are going so at least they know. Then a WH opens and everyone jumps in. Not one i opened and they all end in PvP and get killed Just so someone can...
  10. DaveFoz

    Wormholes - They Rock

    Well now that Minforce is back I am glad that I am able to use my Chip again. in the last week or so I have opened up at least 100 WH mainly from Nea's to TPs all over Calypso. I will be continuing this trend of opening them for Free for ppl to use. (PED permitting of course) I do this...
  11. DaveFoz

    Justifier MK III

    Just so u all know. a Justifier MK III is back in the loot pool. Lost 1 trying to tier my one Happy Hunting :( :)
  12. DaveFoz

    Clothing Custom Colours

    While I know most of the time you can tell what colour something is coloured when you add textures then that could change the colour. For example Tezlapod Texture on Yellow boots are an orange colour. We already have it so that the info of a clothing item shows what textures and % are covered...
  13. DaveFoz

    Mission 2 - Fort Fury

    500 feffs completed reward 250 Nova frags think will leave 1000 for now
  14. DaveFoz

    Mission 1 - Fort Fury

    Decided to do the Fort Fury Missions first Kill 100 Feff's I was rewarded with a point of Agility.
  15. DaveFoz

    Mission Blog

    After reading some threads and posts on here over what you get from mission and the possible path thing i have decided to keep a log in a blog of my Missions and what i got as rewards then others can see if they are the same or any differences i will also try and only do 1 mission at a time...
  16. DaveFoz

    Geo H41 Mina PC

    Just as a wonder what is the MU on Geo H41 Mina (L) right now. As could not find any
  17. DaveFoz

    Selling: Starkhov AS 129

    I am now selling my Starkhov AS 129 PED only TT + 3.6k ovno PM or POst please
  18. DaveFoz

    Selling: Good TP Chip

    As title says selling my Good TP Chip Stats are: Rec Level Teleporter 6.9 ME Used 118 Max Use per min - 7 Range 7.2 KM TP to home (3 x ME Useage but right to your door in apartment Blocks) TT is 171.01 Asking Price TT + 3.3k Pm or post
  19. DaveFoz

    Question: Tier 10 on a L weapon

    ok Had a search and could not find anything (maybe I missed it) But can someone please answer to me how you can Tier a L weapon to Tier 10 when it will break i would think far before getting close to 10. I have seen the message go through that Avi X is the first to get the Alpis 485 to tier...
  20. DaveFoz

    Question: The Rest of MF Chips

    Ok I have asked this before after the first couple of VU's after 10. But now i have seen a thread asking about the future of other types of MF for the future. The MF of the future But Still i am wondering when are we going to get the rest of the old style back. I have sat in my storage...
  21. DaveFoz

    Info: Many Thanks - Nice People still exist

    Well Since CP has now reopened i thought I would go back up and have a look at it's new design. Well went in to Dome 1 and as normal for there it was total Chaos, Mobs running every which why there is and Avi's doing there very best to pummel them to nothing. However what I did notice and the...
  22. DaveFoz

    Getting Bumped - Damn it's Annoying

    Ok I am all for an inprovement in game play, and with CE2 that is definatly happened. but I do have one minor little gripe that is starting to annoy me no end, and I thought I would share it with you and get others feelings about it as well. Before I start i will tell you that I hunt in first...
  23. DaveFoz

    Info: Teleport To Home

    Well as we all know who have them the TP to Home function on the Higher TP chips used to just take you to the TP at the place where your Home is. So back then as long as you was carrying the Deed and you wanted to go home you could. Well I have just decided that I wanted to go and drop some...
  24. DaveFoz

    Info: VU10.2 and MF

    Well now that VU 10.2 is here I was hoping for the MF to be sorted. But still no wormholes, MF heal, Nerveblast (guessing Firestorm as do not have that chip) So does anyone know when they will be back. Also will focus chips still be of any use with the new VSE for sweat gathering?
  25. DaveFoz

    Wormhole Event - 21 Aug 2009 1500 MA

    Calypso Settlers Sponsered Wormholes On Fri 21 Aug 2009 Calypso Settlers will be holding a Wormhole event. The aim of the event is to open 1 wormhole to every TP on both Eudoria and Amerthera. (This does not include TPs that you get when first starting EU or the Malls) The event will start...