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  1. Lana

    Lanas Mining Blogg - MA hates me.

    Hallo Folks. Just my small Mining BLOGG from F.O.M.A me mining small scale ;) Ill be using: TT Extractor Orefinder-105 Run 1. :eyecrazy: Bombs - 105 PED Decay - 2.25 TT return 58.23 TT with MU: 66.68 Total - 43,57 He he what a "#"%&# run, i think MA did destroy mining. My hit rate was 3.81...
  2. Lana

    Current size of the game .

    Hi, What is the total size of the game with latest vu and all planets ? Regards
  3. Lana

    FYI: Buy a share of Lana´s Mining Runs.

    Hallo Future Share Holder/ Forum Trolls, My name is Lana Manjana Lullaby and i am a mining Alcoholic. I would like to sell shares from my mining runs. I normallay do run around 100,- PED to 200,- PED. The reson for me to, sell some of the possible Profit is i need some more skills, without...
  4. Lana

    Good start to my new mining blogg.

    After 3 years. And just started a new blogg this baby came along :D What can i say i am just happy :ahh: :eyecrazy::eyecrazy::eyecrazy::eyecrazy:
  5. Lana

    Lana´s Incredibl boring Mining Blogg

    This will be my Incredibly boring blogg of my mining trips on Calypso. My setup Will be: Orefinder 105 Resource Extractor RE-104 Ill only mine for Ores My trips will be around 100 -200 Bombs. Just doing this to keep Track :yay: I have mined for 3 years and it is time to keep track of how i...
  6. Lana

    New planet FYI Regards. Lana
  7. Lana

    HOw many Bombs on a Mining run ?

    Hallo, When i mine i normale use 100 Bombs. Should i drope more. Fell free to comment this post. Regards. Lana
  8. Lana

    Would you like a Free EF Signature

    Free Signatures for EF Members Hallo all, I did just start again playing with Photoshop cs 4. I would like to offer you a Free EF Signature if you would like. Just send me a pm with some info/color/name you would like in it. Feel free to donate some EFD/ped to me if you like it. I will try...
  9. Lana

    Dances with Drone´s

    Dances with Drone´s Lana´s Blog about Drone Hunting My Goals are: 100 Run on Drones. 1 HOF over 500 PED Try to get a return around 90 % Have fun. My Setup: -Add Info -Add Info -Add Info -Add Info -Add Info -Add Info -Add Info Drone Hunting Run: -Run 1 -Run 2 -Run 3 -Run 4 -Run 5
  10. Lana

    Rocktropia Hip/fail

    Hi, Well what do you think about Rocktopia? Regards. Lana
  11. Lana

    EU Crash again and again.

    Hi, Well after last update my game keep crashing after 10 min of play. Thay did reset my account allready one time, 2 updates back and that did help. Just dont see why thay keep making updates, that just make everything go bad again. How many times should my account be reset ? And when will...
  12. Lana

    HOFS And Globals last couple of Months

    Hallo, Just some of My globals and Hofs. Regards. Lana
  13. Lana

    CrossDressing United

    CrossDressing United Well i am a Man IRL. Ingame i use to much PED on my Female Avatar clothing. So all CrossDressers show me your Skanky outfit :yay: MA please give me a Sheep! Dont be Shy Be Proud !!!
  14. Lana

    Get the shit together.

    I am very tired of a company I pay money to keep making the same mistakes. I can easily understand that mistakes can occur. But in MA cases thay keep creating more Corrections into errors. When will you start taking this seriously. I spend a lot of money when i play Entropia. I dont complain...
  15. Lana

    Offer to advertise

    Hi, I offer to advertise your products you would like sell. The price for this servie can we talk about. I do this so I can reach my own goal. # post2323487 Contact me if interested. :yay: Regards. Lana
  16. Lana

    Remove Poll

    Hi, How do i remove a poll from my post. Wrote the bloddy Poll in danish ? Regards. Lana
  17. Lana

    Swunt for a set of Vigilante Armor.

    Swunt for a set of Vigilante Armor. We all need some goals in Entropia. I have decided that my goal should be to swunt a complete set Vigilant Armor. Rules for my project Only Hunt and Sweat Combibo and Exarosaur. Only Use my Opalo +A101. Buy a part of Vigilante as soon as i have...
  18. Lana

    Help with Ematters on CND.

    Hi all, I need some help. I did just start minig ematters on CND lvl 5. (Did ores before.) My question is should i use AMP 101 ? Did get 2 HOF without amp (one was 600 PED with TT finder :D) I did just upgrade to the 104. Im not sure if it will be a good buisness to use amps. (Last run i did...
  19. Lana

    Friday Newsletter from MA.

    Hi all, Would it be nice if MA did make a post every Friday on EF about what thay wher working on? Maybe also just some info from the current week. Would be nice with some comunication from MA. Sorry for my English. Regards. Lana
  20. Lana

    What should i use the last PED ON

    HI all, After loosing over ¤%k Ped the last month i feel like using my last 600 PED Fast. I dont want to deposit anymore since the Game is so bad at the moment (Bad Loot, Bugs, etc) Ill return after VU 10.2 I think. Now my question what should i use my last 600 PED ON ? :yay: Regards. Lana
  21. Lana

    Entropiatracker Icon

    Hi 711 and Starfinder. First of all... Great Sites you guys did make :D I would like to make some small surgestions :yay: 1. We need and entropiatracker icon on the forum. 2. Maybe you guys could share the table, wher you can see gift Credits from Entropia tracker, and then show them under...
  22. Lana

    New Gun ?

    Hi all, Okay i did max the P5A Gun and now it is time for a new one. What should i Buy for my next hunting trip ? Regards. Lana
  23. Lana

    I Love the new VU10.

    ______8888888888____________________ ____888888888888888_________________ __888888822222228888________________ _88888822222222288888_______________ 888888222222222228888822228888______ 888882222222222222288222222222888___ 8888822222222222222222222222222288__ _8888822222222222222222222222222_88_...
  24. Lana

    Make and Official Bug Post

    HI, Just a small surgestion all: Lets make and official Bug Post so Mindark dont need to find all The Bugs in game. This way it will be faster. Regards. Lana. Bug 1: Long Login Time and sometimes the gold Card reader code is ot valid.
  25. Lana

    VU10 Bigger Boobs.

    HI all, A question for Marco: Can my avatar get bigger boobs in VU10, i would like that? Anyway keep up the good work. Regards. Lana