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  1. Sarubaboon

    Selling: PA Mall shop

    After a few years of good service I have decided to sell my shop. The main reason is just a lack of time, which has meant that I spend less time in game and dont have enough time to craft stuff for the shop and for auction. I believe that this shop is located at the best spot in the whole...
  2. Sarubaboon

    Forts and the economy

    I was quite surprised yesterday by the new fort land grab system, something unexpected and that could bring a lot of new dynamism to EU. For a start it seems that finally there will be a very clear use for the vehicles, and I assume that this system will mean that a fair amount of them will be...
  3. Sarubaboon

    How much you think Medusa is worth?

    Well I'm sure the people who are thinking of bidding have their own ideas, but was just wondering what do people think, how much is it worth? i created a poll, but also feel free to elaborate more on your answers...
  4. Sarubaboon

    Planets and MA's finances... thoughts?

    So finally we are seeing the planets coming online... now we are into the 3rd one, and while they are still not comparable to calypso, they should slowly attract some player base... this should have a beneficial effect on MA's finances, probably meaning they will be able to hire more people...
  5. Sarubaboon

    Opening of space

    I just posted in a different thread about the possibility that when hangars and flying comes back the system will be completely different.... like its been mentioned somewhere by MA about the possibility of asteroid mining, etc.... Of course we cannot mention other game names, but do you think...
  6. Sarubaboon

    Effects of vehicles on the economy

    So.... they are already having some impact (price of belk has increased in order to craft combustors, price of copper has also increased to craft other components, etc), of course some of this could be short-lived and it could just quickly return to normal once the market is full.... however...
  7. Sarubaboon

    A player created planet?

    The question is.... do you think that MA would let a group of players, who organised themselves as a company, build one of the planets?. I was just thinking that it could be possible for a group of individuals who had a certain amount of free time, to slowly build such a planet in their free...
  8. Sarubaboon

    Connection through university proxy

    Hi... For different reasons I cannot use my connection at home these days (partly because I dont have a home anymore, staying in a friends place).... I have a computer in uni (which used to be my home computer) but I cannot connect because I think there is a proxy, or maybe they are blocking...
  9. Sarubaboon

    Buying: Oa104

    Well.... let me know if you have one to sell, what QR and the price...
  10. Sarubaboon

    Need a new tab for missions?

    Just a thought, not sure if it was posted elsewhere or if this is the correct place, but maybe we need a new tab for missions, if there are going to be more coming?. So that noobs can ask questions relating to the missions, people can post some stickies on where to find them, etc....
  11. Sarubaboon

    Mission/quest system and the economy?

    Well.... pretty self-explanatory title.... how do you think this is going to affect the economy? will it help retain new players and thus really create a bigger in-game economy? do you think the new system will somehow take money out of the loot-pool? any thoughts on this are welcome!
  12. Sarubaboon

    Is the economy back to normal?

    So.... We did go through a bit of a rough patch after VU10.0... lots of people decreased their activity, left, etc... But recently I get the feeling the economic activity is back to what it was before VU10... a good indicator I always feel is the amount of residue trading in auction, as this...
  13. Sarubaboon

    Double the Number of Shop Item Points

    Hi, I just made a separate post that got me thinking about this... I'm a small shop owner in PA Mall, one of the few shops that tries to always be opened, stocked, and with items below the weekly MU... (ok, finished with the advertising) I think that the easiest way for shops to recover their...
  14. Sarubaboon

    OA103 bp QR75

    I am considering selling my OA103 bp.... QR is 75.... any idea what it would be worth now?
  15. Sarubaboon

    Economy improving?

    Ok.... so just to be different from everybody else, instead of having a doom-and-gloom, sky is falling thread.... I recently read that Obama says he is seeing the first signs of recovery... which somewhat agrees to my own assessment of the world economy, some recent indicators are showing...
  16. Sarubaboon

    Cost of keeping a pet....

    Hi.... I was thinking about buying a pet.... like, a level 3 pet... i heard you can change the name of those, is that correct?. How much is the upkeep of the pet per month in peds? I heard you have to brush him, is that to keep his level or to improve him?. Also, can I place him wherever I...
  17. Sarubaboon

    chipping in vs skilling up in armour

    ok... so, I'm not a complete noob crafter, I'm up to level 27 in metal, which means that without any serious effort in armour crafting i'm in level 12 armour... (just because of the engineering, bpc, etc). Now, last week I did a 600 click run on a level 2 armour bp, (pioneer face guard), so...
  18. Sarubaboon

    Average tt value of crafted objects

    Ok... so, if you have the COS bar maxed, it appears that the "accepted" rate of sucess is between 32-34%.... however, does anybody have any idea about what is the average return of crafted objects as a % of their maximum tt value?
  19. Sarubaboon

    Best/Cheapest way to skill up in texturing (low levels)?

    I'm about level 0.4 in texturing, and would like to get up a few levels (to level 2 or 3) so I can apply some simple textures to the few clothes I sell through the shop... So... Could anybody advise me what is the best way to do so? What I would like to know really is: -How many textures should...
  20. Sarubaboon

    Selling: BPs: QR 64 Jester-3, QR100 Geotreck Buttstocks

    Selling two bps QR 64 Jester-3: 399 peds QR100 Geotreck buttstock: 799 peds anybody interested please post here or pm me. Other offers also considered
  21. Sarubaboon

    Cannot see auctioneer, terminals or crafting machines

    Hi, Have been using entropia on my computer (both on my laptop and my desktop) for a long time, but yesterday I have stopped being able to see all the NPC's (auctioneer, technicians) crafting machines and terminals. I am really puzzled by this. Has anybody had the same problem?. I can't click...
  22. Sarubaboon

    First Real Hof...

    Ok, have been playing for a few years now, have had those mini-hofs that end up at the bottom of the table and quickly go away, but this was my first decent one.... and, it was on the first click ever on a bp.... sooooo made up!!!
  23. Sarubaboon

    At what level to you max a limited bp?

    Hi... does somebody know at what level you max a limited bp, such as a Breer P5a (L) blueprint (L)? Like, I am currently level 11 laser weap engineer, and I am thinking of skilling up, not sure what level do i have to aim for though.... Do these (L) (L) chips work the same way as a the ones...
  24. Sarubaboon

    Selling: QR100 level V bps (hardened screws, geotreck buttstock)

    Hi, I want to move up in the crafting world and want to free some money.... Currently I have them in the window of my shop (PA Mall 1-12, the ground floor, next to the entrance) for 700 peds (hardened screws) and 2000 peds (buttstock). Else please pm me with a price of your own and I will...
  25. Sarubaboon

    Price of Typo going through the roof... ideas?

    EU is dynamic... The price of typo is going through the roof these days..... any idea what or whom is causing it? over 168% from a typical or around 150%.... :scratch2: